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Shuffle, Then Deal

Night falls, and things at Tambaqui are hopping. Christy talks around the fire about how good she feels about the tribe, and how well she thinks they're going to do. She then talks in an interview about how the guys were immediately really good about helping her out to make sure she didn't get cut out of conversations -- making sure she was looking before they talked, positioning the lanterns so they were sure she could see everybody, and so forth. Butch interviews that it just seemed logical to him that you'd do things like that, like turning up the lantern to make sure she could "be included" in the discussion. Christy probably makes a strategic error by talking around the fire about how much she appreciates their being accommodating and comparing their reaction favorably to the one at the old Jaburu camp. Considering that Jeanne and Heidi are both there, I'm not sure dissing the women as a group is a great idea, although I'm fairly sure Jeanne knows Christy doesn't mean her. Heidi, after all, undoubtedly knows that Christy does mean her, as well as her Skeevil friends. So...probably not a good move on Christy's part, but I think she has a pretty persistent tendency to speak her mind, which is overall probably a good thing in life, if not in television. She interviews that being in a generally supportive group is something she can "really appreciate." Aw. Well, that's good.

The next morning at Jaburu, Alex decides to throw a little pop quiz by asking the women who they think got the most votes when the guys were asked which girl was the hottest. Shawna guesses Jenna, and Deena guesses Shawna. And, of course Deena is correct. Conveniently for Alex, I'm not sure Jenna is anywhere nearby at the particular moment of this conversation, which might explain why he said it. Otherwise? Not so smart, necessarily. "Alex is so fun! I dig him so much!" Shawna says in an interview. Well, sure, now she does. Shawna says that he's totally her type. That "type" being the type that thinks she's hot.

Deena now interviews that she's seen her status drop in a hurry. "Shawna may not be interested in the chick thing anymore," she says contemptuously, aiming for a tone of betrayed regret. "Shawna may be interested in the Alex thing." Well, I can sympathize, because I was once a little bit interested in the Alex thing myself, although I have to say, not so much anymore. Deena isn't sure how loyal Shawna is going to be, even though, as she says, "Clearly, it should be the three women against the three men." And why would that be, again? Why is that clear? Particularly when Deena herself has already expressed absolute willingness to screw Shawna for her own protection? And when Deena isn't exactly busting her ass to, like, provide food or anything of that nature? Whatever, Alpha-Bait-a-Hook-a.

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