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Shuffle, Then Deal

Alex and Shawna singles-bar-talk about where they're from and where they went to school and so forth. This conversation certainly is the same no matter where it's conducted.

Beautiful Amazon shots, and then it's time for treemail. Jeanne brings back the note of the day, and it's a word search with some words circled that indicate something about animals, paddling, and brawn. Roger interviews that their chances of winning are good, and that he thinks Dave did a good job picking women. He does not, surprisingly, say that the women have good teeth or strong backs, which I think is sort of what he's thinking.

The new tribes gather on the beach. Peachy explains the challenge. Basically, the two teams will each have to complete a word search, and the word search will reveal the names of five animals that you find in the Amazon. Then the team will pile into a boat and paddle out to grab five flags with those animals on them. Whoever gets back to the beach with the five flags first will win immunity. For obvious reasons, I find myself rooting hard for Tambaqui in this challenge, because Jaburu is heavily weighted down with people I hate, whereas on Tambaqui, in terms of hating, it's really just Heidi at this point.

The word search isn't especially exciting. The teams are pretty close in performance, but when Tambaqui has four words and is looking for the fifth, they circle what they think is "Mosquito," but it isn't. Peachy tells them that one is wrong, and they have to keep looking. While they look, Jaburu finishes the word search. By the time Tambaqui finds the last word, Jaburu is out to a sizeable lead. The teams paddle their boats around, grabbing flags, and Tambaqui does close the gap as they approach the finish line, which sort of takes away from any theory that they don't have the physical strength to compete. In the end, though, the lead is too big, and Jaburu finishes first and walks away with immunity. Surprisingly, I apparently care what happens, because I swear when this happens. Also, I have to say, I just loved Dave's intensity in this challenge, because he was the guy in the back of his boat, yelling "Let's go, let's go, let's go" to his team, just like he always has. I dig Dave, no doubt. If I'm ever stuck in the Amazon, I want to take Dave with me as my luxury item.

Peachy tells Tambaqui that they're going to have to hit tribal council that night, and somebody will have to go. Aww!

Back in the Amazonian mist, a sad Tambaqui trudges back into camp. Jeanne interviews that they weren't counting on having to go boot somebody, so they have "no idea how to vote." I'm not sure that applies to everyone, but it seems to apply to Jeanne. The women go off on a boat trip together, and Jeanne interviews that they knew that they needed to vote together for one of the guys, in case the guys all voted for one of them, because then they could at least force a "tie-off." Yeah, she said "tie-off." Hee. In the boat, they quickly agree that they don't want to boot Dave. If they phrased this in terms of Dave's obvious strength, it would make perfect sense, but Heidi unloads some ridiculous crap about how they should keep Dave because Dave "saw something in [them]" and selected them for his tribe. The fact that it doesn't occur to her that he might have picked her because he thought he could easily beat her is...well, hey, it's exactly why he picked her! Oh, look, irony is shiny. The Tambaqui chicks draw straws between Butch and Roger, and wind up deciding to vote for Butch. Aww.

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