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Shuffle, Then Deal

Time to vote. We see Butch vote for Jeanne, Christy vote for Butch, Dave vote for Jeanne, Jeanne vote for Butch, and Roger vote for Jeanne. Heidi hesitates at the voting table, as if she's having some big-ass moral crisis. I am so sure. Peachy goes to "tally the votes." I love that so much. I envision a slide rule. And, quite possibly, a graphing calculator. When Peachy returns, he reads the votes. One for Jeanne, one for Butch, one for Jeanne, one for Butch, one for Jeanne...and another one for Jeanne. Well, actually, it's for "Gene." That one is Heidi's, because we saw all three of the guys at least know enough to start her name with a J. (They didn't spell it right, but they didn't spell it like Gene Autry.) Heidi certainly is a sharp cookie, isn't she? Christy looks at the fire unhappily, reading the writing on the wall as Jeanne steps over to be eliminated. SNUFF! She leaves without a word to anyone.

Peachy tells the tribe that the question is whether the vote was based on old gender lines, or on the weak link. Is that really a question? I mean, literally every person there knows how every other person voted. What would be the point of wondering whether it was alliances or weak-link-cutting?

Next week (make a note: Wednesday, not Thursday): something Christy does impresses everyone. Alex and Shawna canoodle. Bleh.

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