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Shuffle, Then Deal

Back at Jaburu, they figure out that their youngest is Jenna. She says in an interview that immediately she thought, "I'm the youngest, so I'm going to have to do something by myself." Jeanne questions whether "youngest" necessarily means chronological age. A stretch, but I've certainly seen treemail say stupider things. In fact, "treemail" is stupider. "What do you think, we age differently, like cheese?" Deena says, so proud of her wit. Excuse me a minute. Deena? Cheese all ages at the same rate also, as a matter of fact. As the great philosopher once said: The youngest cheese is always the youngest cheese. Just remember that. (Okay, so a great philosopher didn't say that, but you can't deny the accuracy.) Jeanne says that the clue might mean "youngest at heart," which is our cue to see Jenna snot in an interview, "Give it a break, I'm going somewhere and you're not." Here's the thing -- if Jenna whined to the other women about going when it first arose the way she did in her interview ("I'm going to have to do something by myself"), that might explain part of why Jeanne did that. Of course, in that case, it would be a very crappy -- though very Jenna -- thing to do to bitch about it later. But in any event, didn't we all outgrow the "I'm [blank] and you're not" construction around third grade? Shut up, Jenna.

Jenna takes off from camp in her dorky cowboy hat. Oh, har har, she's so rough-and-tumble. We see her and Dave paddling, paddling, paddling, and finally reaching a little "bungalow" (as Dave calls it) where Peachy is waiting for them. When they've de-boated, Peachy gives them a lot of yabba-dabba about how the tribes haven't really mingled for the past thirteen days, so it seemed like it was time for them to get to know each other, and it made sense to make the youngest players the ambassadors. And if they believe that's all there is to this little summit, they are very, very stupid, though Peachy doesn't say that part out loud. He tells them that they can view it as a break from their tribes, or they can view it as a strategic opportunity. In any event, the one thing that can't be contested is that it's going to be a lovely evening of creature comforts. Peachy goes on to tell them that they will have food, wine, a shower, and a bed, because they'll be staying overnight. I just want to say that Peachy didn't mention coffee, and if there was no coffee in the morning? The entire thing would be ruined for me.

Fast and allegedly sexy music of the "¡Olé!" variety plays as Dave and Jenna check out the surroundings. There's a bunch of fruit and bread and cheese laid out on the table, and the promised wine is indeed present. Dave interviews that the first thing they did was get out of their stinky clothes and into the bathrobes, which seems completely gross to me, because then the robes will be skanky when they get out of the shower. They could at least rinse off first. Anyway, they then started eating and chatting. "It was heaven," Dave declares.

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