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Shuffle, Then Deal

Dave starts in with questions about life at Jaburu. Jenna chatters happily about how the girls don't talk as much as she'd like, so it's so boring, and so forth. She interviews that she and Dave were both so happy to talk to someone of the opposite sex that they were, "like, ready!" It appears that she is, like, ready to give away every piece of useful information that Dave doesn't even know enough to ask her for. Back at the bungalow, Jenna talks about her closeness with Heidi, which Dave says doesn't surprise him. She tells him all about how Shawna is in bad shape and doesn't want to be there anymore. In an interview, Dave points out that Jenna pretty much spilled the entire history of Jaburu's two weeks in the Amazon, which might not have been the smartest thing she could have done. We see Jenna now explain the whole development of the Skeevil alliance to Dave, and how they added Deena because of her closeness to Shawna, and so forth. She yaps that Jeanne is unhappy about the departure of Joanna, and then she remarks that maybe she shouldn't be telling him all this, but -- as she puts it -- "Oh, well." Wow, good comeback. Up there with "I know you are, but what am I?" in the great history of rhetoric. In the part of this scene that just sold me on Dave forever, he then starts spilling all the details of his tribe, too -- like their ages and their occupations. So, so funny.

As dusk comes, Dave has moved into the Flattery/Competitiveness portion of the evening, and tells Jenna that Rob talks about Heidi's breasts quite a lot. "We talk about your ass," he says frankly. "Mine?" Jenna says with mock-surprise. You'll note that given all the times she has discussed the cuteness of her own form, the surprise is indeed mock in its entirety. Dave tells Jenna that she has "a sexy ass," and shouldn't be so surprised. In possibly the most witty edit I've ever seen on this show, just as Dave tells Jenna how sexy her ass is, they throw in a shot of her scratching it. Ha! Sex-ay, the butt-scratching! Hee hee, hoo hoo. Very funny.

And now, it's shower time. As Dave showers, Jenna watches him. He explains that you could see a little bit through the walls of the shower -- boy, I bet the producers feel silly about that screwup, huh? Didn't mean for that to happen, no, sirree! Those shower-makers are so fired! And then Jenna takes her shower, remarking with mock-regret that Dave will be able to see her boobs. Again, I would emphasize that the regret? Totally mock. Mock-errific. Mockety-mock. Anyway, as Dave brushes his teeth, he interviews that he considered this just about the best thing that's ever happened in his life, what with Jenna naked in the shower. I certainly hope Dave is exaggerating, because I would think a good ham sandwich would beat an evening with Jenna, and I'd hate to think Dave has never had a good ham sandwich. Jenna interviews that they went to sleep in the bed, which was awesome: "It just couldn't have been a better reward challenge, because we didn't have to do anything." You know, Jenna sort of writes her own jokes at times. I love the fact that she characterizes this as a "reward challenge." Which she apparently won. Way to go, Jenna! You've got mad being born skillz! Anyway, she and Dave giggle as they fall asleep.

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