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Shuffle, Then Deal

Night falls at the Bungalow of Betrayal.

And then morning comes to the Bungalow of Betrayal. Dave and Jenna exchange greetings laced with morning breath and talk about how great it was to sleep in the comfy bed. He interviews that she was perfectly nice to sleep next to -- no kicking or snoring. You can tell that some unnamed off-screen pipsqueak asked him how it was to sleep next to Jenna, undoubtedly hoping for something a little more chicka-wocka than "Well, I wasn't injured." Dave and Jenna go outside and fetch more food, which they munch on while they loll about on the bed. Jenna tells us that there was fruit! And bananas! Both! She is so smart. Peachy approaches while they're chowing down, and comments on the lovely scene of the two of them having what Moonlighting once called "breakfast on bed." Jenna tells him what a great time they had. "We didn't hold back anything," she says. "We pretty much know everything about each other's tribes now." Yeah, because she told all about the alliances and personal grievances of her tribe, and Dave told her how old everyone is. And you know brutal honesty is such a turn-on. I'm surprised they don't just throw Peachy out and go at it. They've got the bed, after all. And they've both bared their souls!

Peachy brings them down to sit at the table, which seems to be the first time it occurs to Jenna that something of significance might actually be about to happen, despite the fact that a rearrangement of tribes should have occurred to her if she's ever seen the show. Of course, she might not have retained the information if it would have crowded out some portion of her ego, which takes up pretty much all the space inside her eensy-weensy brain. Peachy dumps out onto the table a bunch of little slats; each slat has the name of a contestant written on it. Dave and Jenna are drafting new tribes. First he'll pick a girl and she'll pick a guy, and then they'll alternate. It's exactly the way cult leaders do the draft when they have to repopulate their communes.

Dave is first up, picking a woman. Of course, given that Jenna told him all about the close bond she has with Heidi, it's pretty clear that breaking that up is advantageous to him, so he grabs Heidi, much to Jenna's great sadness. What will she do without the other cute girl to take care of her? Awww. Jenna interviews that Heidi was her "rock." Or, I suppose, "rocks." Jenna picks Alex for his "athletic ability." And I think that actually is why she took him, because she has nothing to go on, really, given that Dave was smart enough not to give up his guts like they were playing Operation and he was the patient. Dave's first pick of a guy is Butch, which I think is really, really interesting. Jenna next takes Deena, saying it's just not even close, in terms of who she wants next. Dave next chooses Christy, and then Jenna takes Rob. Dave takes Roger, and Jenna takes Shawna. So Dave winds up with Jeanne, and Jenna with Matthew.

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