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Jeff asks Yul about Cao Boi, and Yul calls him a "shaman-cheerleader-fire-tender." I was waiting for "crazy neighbor who always thinks the government is coming to repossess the bank and therefore keeps all his money in a peanut jar." Yul doesn't say this, but simply calls Cao Boi "very loyal, in his way." Yul closes with this gem: "I can't say I fully understand him. You know, he has his own perspective on things." ["Hee, that's like when older ladies don't know how to say that something is hideous or crazy, so they just use the all-purpose euphemism 'different.'" -- Wing Chun] Jeff asks Cao Boi if he's always misunderstood, and Cao Boi says that people always love him or hate him. He says that if he's got the time, people usually come to understand him, but yes, he -- like all great self-declared outcasts -- is often misunderstood. Jeff asks whether the tribe has leaders. Yul says he's not sure whether there are leaders, but that Jonathan and Cao Boi are "probably the most vocal." He calls Jonathan "sort of a natural leader." Asked whether that seems fair to him, Jonathan says that he appreciates it, but that he doesn't feel like he's assumed that role intentionally. You can tell he knows that outright leadership is the hot potato of this game, and that you definitely do not want it if you can pass it off to someone else without looking too obvious. I think he should have said, "Well, it's just like a leader to say that about me, Yul."

Jeff asks Ozzy what, at this point, one bases a vote on anyway, particularly when the tribe is doing well and doesn't have obvious problems. Ozzy says he's not even really sure. He's looking into his heart. Uh-oh. That is a large and squishy place to try to find a vote. Cao Boi is asked how he's thinking about the vote, and Cao Boi says that it's all about the "big picture," and "down the road" and so forth. He also goes into a chess metaphor, saying that he wants to "expose the queen." Jeff is perplexed, and he wants to know what the "queen" is. Cao Boi says that the queen is immunity. Jeff figures out that Cao Boi is talking about the individual idol: "So tonight's vote, for you, is trying to expose the hidden immunity idol." "Yes," Cao Boi agrees. Jonathan looks either amused or concerned (or both) about this development.

Jeff says that it's time for voting. If anybody has the hidden idol, then he or she will play it after the votes have been cast. Jonathan votes for "Cowboy," calling him a "wild card." Sundra votes. JessiFlicka votes for Jonathan. "Sorry, bub," she says dramatically. "I lost my trust in you." Ozzy votes. Cao Boi votes for Candice. "I hope we stick with this voodoo plan," he whispers. "One of you has the immunity idol. Let's hope it comes out." Yul, Becky, and Candice vote. Yul looks miserable and anxious.

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