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Jeff returns with the votes. First: "Cowboy." Candice. "Johnathon." "Cowboy." "Cowboy." And that one's bad, because that means the plan is not happening. And the sixth person voted out is..."Cowboy." Wow. [Sic] was evicted unanimously! Cao Boi brings his torch for snuffing. And then Cao Boi leaves. I have to admit that I will miss the crazy old nut. Particularly if I ever have a headache, which happens pretty frequently during reality TV season. Jeff says that, now, the remaining members of Aitu will be able to eat and eavesdrop, but first they have to wait for Raro.

In his exit interview, Cao Boi speaks in a most unfortunate way: "I did learn that I am most vulnerable among the Asian community. People who are like me, but not like me. I was aware of them in the beginning, but eventually, I learned to trust them. I should have known better." So...Cao Boi's parting words are essentially "Goes to show -- you just can't trust Asian people." Way to go, dude. That's just the kind of thing I was hoping this season would teach us.

Now, it's time for the members of Raro to come to tribal council. They file in. When they're all there, the members of Aitu are served their meat and bread and cider. Nate actually watches them eat with his hands over his mouth. Heh. I think he's trying to keep himself from diving over there and taking something.

When we return from commercials, Aitu is eating. Jeff tells Raro to note that Cao Boi is gone. Jeff asks Adam whether he cares about the food, and Adam assures Jeff that they have plenty of food, and that he doesn't care for either lamb or apple cider anyway. Nerts to you, Jeff! Nate, on the other hand? Bothered. Jeff asks Nate about seeming quiet. Nate admits that he's distracted by the food. Jeff asks Adam how frustrating it is to lose two-thirds of the challenges. Adam says it's tough, but that Candice did it all today -- she got a lead for her team, and she wore out Parvati and Rebecca. Candice mouths something like, "Thank you," and then it's another "I love you," and yuck, seriously. Adam gets all goopy-grinning, and this instantly makes me like Candice 25% less. Jeff asks Brad about how Raro prides itself on physical strength. Brad says that it's not about one challenge; it's about the bigger picture of "working their ass off at camp." Jeff asks Cristina whether the tribe feels like "a sinking ship." Yikes. She says she doesn't think so. They still have a chance. Well, she doesn't personally have a chance, know. Jeff asks Brad about the whomping Cristina took at the last tribal council, and wants to know if he felt bad for her. Brad says that he did feel bad for Cristina. He thinks everyone should get the benefit of the doubt. Jenny wears a bitchface, not that we really have to give much of a news bulletin on that one.

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