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Okay, now it's time for voting. Jenny votes. Rebecca votes. Adam votes for Cristina, saying, "You're a nice woman, but our tribe is stronger without you." As one of the EEFPs noted, he actually means...the exact opposite of that: "You're a strong woman, but our tribe is nicer without you." Parvati votes, looking unhappy. Brad votes -- for Jenny. Cristina does, too. Jeff goes off to tally.

Jeff returns with the urn-o-votes, but he sends Aitu back to camp before reading them. First vote: Jenny. Then Cristina. Then another Jenny, which Jenny was not anticipating, I don't think. But then they're all Cristina, so there is to be no surprise, and Cristina is done. She takes her torch to get snuffed. The tribe has spoken. DUUUUUUN! When she's gone, Jeff sort of makes fun of Raro for getting rid of different people for all different reasons, and then he sends them off. I hate Jeff's final moment where he tries to give them one to grow on. I truly do.

In her farewell interview, Cristina says that she had a good experience, but that she feels "taken advantage of." She also says she met good people and "some really awful people," but she says that's "part of the game." I hope she recovers; she seems awfully bitter at this point. I don't know that these were "really awful people." They're just kind of...bratty and self-important, and if you're not ready for that, you don't want to be on this show, lady.

Next time: Yul doesn't think Aitu should fight in front of Nate, but JessiFlicka doesn't really care. Exile Island? Still sucks.

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