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So the way Yul explains it, the shaman lady in the dream asked Cao Boi if he had an American Express card or a Visa, and he started to review marketing materials. You know, as you do. He asked her what he needed these applications for, and she told him that he needed three of each. And it was at this moment that Cao Boi realized how to defeat the immunity idol. You can understand, since now the shaman lady with the credit-card applications made it so obvious.

Okay, actually, what it is...Cao Boi wants to try to smoke out the immunity idol. Fortunately, Yul helps out with the explanation of Cao Boi's strategy, keeping it from taking a year for Cao Boi himself to explain it. Cao Boi thinks that Jonathan has the immunity idol, or possibly Candice does. Therefore, he wants to put three votes each on Candice and Jonathan, which should force Jonathan to use the idol, and should then result in the booting of Candice. From Cao Boi's perspective, this is a good plan because it gets rid of the idol, and because it boots Candice or possibly Jonathan, both of whom Cao Boi thinks are part of an Old Raro (read: white people) alliance. Yul tells us that, based on what Cao Boi believes the situation to be, "the plan is ingenious." Of course, Jonathan...doesn't actually have the immunity idol, because Yul has it, as he reminds us. Whoops. It isn't clear how Cao Boi got to be quite so certain that Jonathan has the idol, but the way he justifies it to us is that Jonathan has been to Exile Island twice, while Candice and Yul have only been there once each. This gives Jonathan a better chance of having it...sort of. Cao Boi also is very worried about "the Caucasians" having all five members at the merge, because the rest of them will all just be knocked off. Of course...all five original Puka are also still in the game, so couldn't the same be said of them? Hmmmmm?

Raro. Nate is spear-fishing, and he is grumpy. He says in an interview that they lost the challenge. And "it hurts." He is catching another giant octopus to make himself feel better. But apparently, the octopus-catching just isn't as special as it used to be, because it's no longer a shriek-to-the-heavens event. Elsewhere, Cristina dabs her forehead, and then tells us in an interview that she's nervous about tribal council. Since, you know, it seems like nobody likes her. She goes to Brad and asks him if he'd be open to giving her a chance. Not that she really seems to suggest any alternatives. Brad is a good place to start, but Cristina needs more of a plan than this. Cristina also asks Parvati for a chance, and Parvati nods, but then says that she doesn't know whom she's voting for. Cristina tells us that she hopes her effort in the challenge meant something. But still? She's "bummed." Now, Cristina tries probably the most hopeless of all approaches, which is an approach to Adam, in which she just tries to make peace, talking about how she isn't mad at him or anything, but in which she still really doesn't offer anything as far as an alternative plan. It's just way too obvious that there's nothing to this except "please don't vote me off, please please." And that's just not going to be enough. Cristina's in a bad position, because it only takes four votes to get rid of you, and Adam and Jenny are wretches, and Parvati and Rebecca are basically with them. She had a shot, I think, at Brad's vote and maybe Nate's, but I think those were the only ones she had any way of getting, absent a daring plan -- which she is not attempting. There are only seven people on this tribe, lady. If you're going to get the focus off yourself, you have to give three of them somebody else to vote for. Adam goes to talk to Jenny, and they agree that it's still Cristina. We watch Cristina ask Nate for another chance, too, favor of what? Whom is she suggesting they vote for, and why? Come on, Cristina, have an idea!

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