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Now, Jeff announces that Judd gets to invite two other people's loved ones along as well. He also says that not only do the other three people's loved ones not get to come, but those people -- not their loved ones, but the players themselves -- will be banished to the old Yaxha camp for the night so that they can't even enjoy the company of fresh faces. That is...truly harsh. Judd is smart enough to first take Cindy, who gave him money. And then he takes Steph. Normally, I'd be the first to take aim at Judd's decision-making, but this is as fair as anything, since Steph was the one bidding against him who had the most money. He probably did that right, and you know I don't say that lightly, considering how stupid and irritating he is. This means that Rafe, Danni, and Lydia will be spent off for a long, boring night alone. Judd, of course, does not consider the strategic implications of that, or the degree to which that might be something that he does not want. When you get to the end of this episode, consider how differently things might have gone if he'd invited Rafe and sent Steph off with Lydia and Danni. Of course, that would have had a downside as well, obviously.

I remember a little bit why I liked Steph as she somewhat shyly introduces Michael to Judd just after they get to have their big hug. I have to admit, I like it better when they at least let everybody have a hug. This is sad. Poor Rafe and poor Rafe's mom! I love the part where Rafe's mom says "Be tough" as she's leaving, and this is what makes Rafe burst into tears. That's exactly what would happen to me, I think. Rafe is so cute. Danni, on the other hand, waves good-naturedly to her brother, knowing that it's not like she's going to have to go years before she sees him again. I mean...I sympathize with people, but they honestly do always act like they've been gone for five years. It's a month. If I see my sister twice in a month, we're like, "I just saw you!" In short: wimps. Danni appears to be the only person whose mental functioning is entirely sound.

Lydia, Rafe, and Danni go off for their night of lonesome, family-less misery, and Steph, Judd, and Cindy take their loved ones back to camp. ("Welcome to Guatemala! Can I get you some...corn?")

Later, it is still Day 31, and the happy people are returning to Camp Xhakum. Judd gives the orientation, and Mrs. Judd can hardly believe that Judd has actually learned to make fire. "No way!" she says, figuring that Judd's fire-building skills probably ended somewhere around leaving poop on people's doorsteps. Judd tells us in an interview that Mrs. Judd thought his camping skills were "pretty hot." He shows off for her how he drinks boiled water out of the big scoop. He doesn't offer her any. I doubt she thinks that part is hot. Mrs. Judd interviews that she never would have thought Judd would have any idea what to do in this situation. Thus, she's "very proud of him." Of course, she hasn't seen the way he treated Margaret, or how he was a bad sportsmanship, or some of his other highlights. Cindy shows Mindy (barf) how they spread out palm fronds to sleep, and as soon as Mindy starts her interview, we learn that whatever else you can say about them, Cindy and Mindy certainly have exactly the same voice. Wow. That would have been a pain in the ass around the house, I would think. Steph, meanwhile, is concentrating on her hardships, as usual, telling Michael about the incredibly difficult hike from the first two days. She explains to us that having Mike with her is "a dream come true." Steph certainly does use a lot of dream imagery in explaining how things are going. Nightmares, dreams come true...maybe she's just sleepy. Steph adds that she really owes Judd a lot, because this is the second major reward he's chosen to share with her. (Giant Bird Of Foreshadowing: "Awk, awk.")

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