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And now, the immunity challenge. Basically, this is a round game board with tiers, and the general idea is that you step from square to square, turning over the tile you were just standing on. You can move horizontally or vertically. Also, the top level spins, so if you get yourself to the top, you can move your position. Once you run out of places to step, you lose. And Danni's advantage turns out to be the ability to switch places with any player at any time, which is indeed a pretty good advantage if she can figure out what to do with it.

The game progresses pretty logically, and this is exactly the kind of challenge about which I always have nothing to say, so you should really sing quietly to yourself until it's over. Something from Fiddler On The Roof, maybe. Anyway, aside from Cindy's dumb idea to cut her own space in half by running up the middle of her area rather than filling it in slowly, everybody plays relatively straightforwardly. Cindy is first out as a reward for her innovative approach. Just after Jeff notes the big swath of space available to Steph, Danni chooses to switch with Steph, and Steph shakes her head and mutters, as if she has some right to complain or wouldn't do exactly the same thing. I really wish Steph wouldn't act like that, because I'd really like to like her again, and for me to like her, I have to stop wanting to poke her in the eye. Lydia is knocked out second. Rafe is knocked out third. Judd goes out fourth. This leaves Danni and Steph to fight it out, and ultimately, Danni does indeed take it. This would seem to suggest that Steph actually played really well at the beginning of this challenge, since her spot worked out so well for Danni. What she did wrong, of course, was letting Danni get the clue at the auction, because she really did not want Danni to win this immunity. Danni agrees with Jeff that the $200 was "money well spent," and she goes to collect the immunity necklace. I have a feeling there's a subtext of, you know, "I'd rather have this and see my a week." Jeff tells the rest of the crowd that one of them is going home shortly.

Back at camp, later on Day 33, Steph seems to be over being pissed off at Danni and congratulates her for a "good job" on the immunity challenge. Danni interviews that this immunity was huge for her, because she figured she'd be next. She also thinks she may be able to make things even better for herself. Steph and Danni have a very quiet talk in which Danni starts with exactly the right information, which is telling Steph that Judd expressed some lingering anger over the Jamie situation, because that is the one thing that Steph probably fears the most. Indeed, this makes Steph's eyes bug out. Danni also quotes Judd as talking about how they're all "squirrels trying to get a nut," and how everybody has to scramble and so forth, and then she starts to drop the bombs about how Judd was open to the idea of booting power players. Steph wants to know if anyone else was involved in the discussion other than Judd and Lydia, and Danni isolates Judd by saying no. Danni also warns Steph that Judd "acts like he doesn't, but he knows what he's doing." Judd watches a little uncomfortably from afar as Rafe comes up to sit with Steph and Danni.

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