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Gone Fishin'
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It's raining when Espada return to camp fresh from booting Jimmy Johnson and destroying CBS and Jeff Probst's dreams. Everyone seems pretty down, especially Yve and Holly, whose heads are hanging so low that I'm worried their necks are actually broken. Jimmy T., on the other hand, is happy the other Jimmy is gone, interviewing that he didn't give the tribe very much anyway and never let Jimmy T. play in the challenges. And then the next thing you know, Jimmy T. is singing to his tribe. I'm not sure what he's singing, but it's annoying and he's not very good at it. Various contestants are beyond irritated, and Marty interviews that it's now the "Jimmy T. Show" at camp, which Marty doesn't like one bit because he wants it to be the Marty Show, no doubt. Jimmy T. stops singing in favor of hugging everyone, including Dan, even though he looks like he wants to murder him, and Marty says Jimmy T. is obnoxious and Marty is willing to give him the tiny piece of rope he needs to hang himself. And that's basically this entire episode, plus fifty-five minutes of filler.

The next morning, Holly walks onto the beach wearing that weird shirt that only has one long sleeve, looks around, and says "wow, this is absolutely crazy." But she's not talking about herself or even Jimmy T. -- she's talking about the mud pit that Espada Beach has become thanks to recent heavy rainfalls that pushed all kinds of water and debris downstream onto their shores. Dan calls it "a mess," saying that they can't even get out into the ocean to go fishing. Back at camp, Dan bemoans the fate of his sneakers, which have a hole burnt into the toe. He claims that he's the one who "cooked" them, but I think we really need to look at Holly here considering her history with Dan's footwear. Dan and Jane joke that they're so hungry they could eat Dan's cooked shoes. "Filet of sole," Jane cracks herself up. Jill, on the other hand, is not smiling. She interviews that they have no food and now, thanks to the rain, no way to get more.

Jimmy T. tries to help by studying the fishing method of the Nicaraguan pelican. It seems to work for the birds, so he tells Holly they need to do what the pelican is doing. Except with a net. Marty suggests that two people throw the net out, but Jimmy T. says "in the real world," only one guy throws the net. Okay, but that one guy is probably experienced in and good at net fishing. And he's still not going to be as good as the pelican, whose entire body is made to catch fish that way. Jimmy T. throws the net a few times, catches nothing, and looks silly. Marty just shakes his head and walks away. Jane interviews that they're really missing Jimmy Johnson now, since he was apparently the best at fishing. She hopes someone will "step up" into the leadership role.

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