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Gone Fishin'

And so, as Alina and Kelly B. are sitting on the treemail box obviously feeling down, NaOnka strolls up and aggressively says "you guys looking for something?" A capuchin monkey watches from above with an expression of disapproval on his face. "It's no secret. We're looking for the same thing you're looking for," either Alina or Kelly B. respond. NaOnka crouches down and says that she's going to be following them then, and she's "just playing the game." "Follow us," Kelly B. says, shrugging. For daring to speak, NaOnka says "WHAT?!" and then "I don't like you. Never have liked you. Don't trust you," before launching into another rant that Kelly B. probably isn't paying attention to anyway. Alina interviews that NaOnka is "a psycho," as if we all hadn't figured that out already. NaOnka says she's also angry with Kelly B. for the "performance" she put on after NaOnka got the clue. Kelly B. is confused, asking if NaOnka is saying that she didn't knock Kelly B. over. NaOnka says she absolutely did, but she didn't like how Kelly B. told the tribe that she had no idea why NaOnka did that. "I don't like you," NaOnka concludes, because as long as she just keeps telling herself that, it makes all the other stuff she does and says to Kelly B. okay in her mind. Kelly B. wisely sees no reason to continue this discussion and says "okay. Whatever."

Kelly B. interviews that NaOnka is a bully and she just wanted a reaction out of Kelly B. that Kelly B. wasn't going to give her, although she admits it wasn't easy to bite her tongue. Seriously. I'll bet NaOnka thinks she's winning every round here because she has the last word and almost all the words, but the truth is that Kelly B. could probably rip her apart verbally if she wanted to. NaOnka is only "winning" because Kelly B. refuses to play. And also because NaOnka happens to be in the better alliance. NaOnka continues that Kelly B. is "on the outs" and so she doesn't need to explain anything to her. That doesn't stop her from talking all the time, though. She then interviews that Kelly B. is a "charity case" who will not vote for NaOnka to win the million. Alina, meanwhile, just sits there and says nothing, because if Kelly B. is voted out before her, then that means at least three more days in the game for Alina. NaOnka says she hopes that her verbal beatdowns of Kelly B. will force her to quit the game. Also, this gem: "screw your leg. Keep it away from the fire." There's really nothing I can add to that bon mot, so I won't.

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