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Gone Fishin'

Back at Espada, Master Fisherman Jimmy T. has his tribe hunting for sea urchins, which are easy to catch as long as you don't get stung and provide pretty much no meat. I hope Holly isn't around to see them eating those urchins. She couldn't even handle them eating snails. While Tyrone and Jimmy T. look for urchins behind her, Jill interviews that they're pretty much scraping the bottom of the food barrel these days. Marty is looking for urchins, too, and eating whatever he catches. Jimmy T. objects to this, telling him to "contribute to the company pot." Tyrone sees a storm brewing and totally gets the hell out of there. "Be a tribe playah," Jimmy T. scolds. Marty decides this isn't worth his energy, and simply says "not gonna go there with you, buddy," as he walks away.

Basically, every interaction Marty and Jimmy T. have had this week has ended with Marty walking away almost immediately. I wonder if Jimmy T. notices this or is aware that it could be a problem? Anyway, Jimmy T. 's outburst has now given Marty all the fuel he needs to make a case for voting him out. He tells us that Jimmy T. doesn't understand the dynamics of this game or how a comment like that will ensure that he is the next to go. That's probably because Jimmy T. doesn't see how Espada could possibly get along without him, and thinks his spot is fairly secure as long as they desperately need challenge competitors who aren't old ladies or tiny mobsters with bad knees. Which makes sense to me; I think you'd be crazy to get rid of Jimmy T. right now. But I also don't know what's like to live with him 24/7. Marty vents to Yve, who doesn't seem to think it's that big of a deal and doesn't want the camera time anyway.

After the break, a praying mantis chows down on some unfortunate bug's face while Jane pretends to have any idea what's going on this game and says she's voting for Dan tonight. Holly is just thrilled it isn't her. Meanwhile, Jill tries to convince Marty to get rid of Dan, but Marty insists on keeping Dan around for a little while longer, as they'll need his "critical swing vote" tonight to get rid of Jimmy T. "Whatever you say," Jill sighs. Marty assigns her to talk to Tyrone and lock in his vote. Apparently, the lack of food has caused Jill's brain to digest itself, as she goes off to do that with little protest. Damn. Hey, remember last week when Jill was awesome and smart? I miss those days. Marty says that keeping Dan and getting rid of Jimmy T. will give Marty's alliance "the numbers" for the next three Tribal Councils, all of which Espada will probably be attending since they're only going to suck that much more in challenges. Also, Marty adds, it'll be great to lose Jimmy T. because he's really annoying.

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