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Row, Row, Row Your Dopes!

On the raft, Dirk says to Sean, "Right now, we could be working, driving through rush-hour traffic, fighting bills, trying to get dates. Instead we're just chilling on the South China Sea." I wonder how much "rush-hour traffic" Dirk sees on his way to and from the dairy farm. Sue is irritated and drawls that Sean and Dirk should be out looking for "ta-pee-yó-ka" and nuts during the day, and fishing at night. She tells them that fishing during the day is a waste of time, and Dirk says that he doesn't think it's a waste at all. Sue says, "Whoa, well, did you catch anything?" and Dirk responds, "No, ma'am." Sue decrees, " was a waste of time then," which is a fairly logical statement. Sean tells us in a confessional, "It's expected to get on each other's nerves. Maybe everyone's on my nerves, but I don't really act on it. I just wanna be happy, have a nice time here, that's it." Sean may be a moron, but he's a good-natured one. Dirk appears to have been out herding sheep with a crook in-hand, and says, "The second I stop having fun, I'll vote myself off the island. I came here to have a great time, to grow in my faith with the Lord. And that's the most important thing to me." Rudy chimes in with, "It's funny, to me, that a guy would read the Bible out here. The only reason I'd bring a Bible is if -- I mean, I'm religious too -- if I need toilet paper." Now Rudy's got the religious right AND the gay and lesbian community in his back pocket. There's no stoppin' him. We finally see that Kelly is stitching "Rudy" into a piece of burlap; maybe she thinks that if she uses it to vote at the next Tribal Council, she'll make a stronger impression and score points for creativity.

Just Peachy shows up at Tagi and they all cringe and go, "How'd he find our camp?" Well, that's what they're thinking. Peachy says, "I brought news of tomorrow's challenge." Using some kind of gun as a pointer, he adds, "Right here. The First Annual Weapons Target Shooting Classic; the Battle in Borneo." Peachy insists on reading this aloud and enunciating, like he thinks he's Ramoaner or something. Rudy sneers at a cameraman. Just Peachy tells Tagi that they are competing for food in a Reward Challenge, which consists of a blowgun round with five darts, a "mighty slingshot" round, and a spear-tossing event. He then explains that the teams will pick only one person to compete in each event. Peachy leaves and Rudy aims the blowgun at the back of his head.

The team sets up wooden-basket-like cages that look kind of like bongo drums, and place coconuts on top for target practice. Sean tells us, "It turns out that I'm pretty good with the blowgun, and I never really shot a blowgun before in my life!" We see various shots of darts hitting the coconuts, and we're led to believe they're all Sean's, but we have no way of being sure of that, due to the "creative editing" on this show. Sean then tells us, "It turns out Rich is an expert marksman, something we didn't know about him until today." That Dick is just full of surprises! We see shots of Richard shooting at the coconuts; he says, "No worries," and Sue adds, "Yea. I think he's Slingshot Boy." Sean then tells us that Sue is a "wild-woman with the spear," but we all know that Sue doesn't need a spear to be a wild-woman. Sue says she always wanted to kill a pig with a javelin or a spear, forcing me to wonder how she passed the extensive psychological testing all the contestants had to go through. Or maybe comments like that helped her earn a place on the show. Sue tells us that she hopes that the other team picks a guy because "there's a good chance that [I] can dog some guy on national T.V.," and she goes on to add, "Even if we lost, and [I] at least dogged a guy in the spear-throwing, they'd be happy." I become even more fascinated by Susan's husband. She throws the spear with her opposite arm extended in front of her for balance; she looks like a cave-woman might have in a two-piece Speedo.

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