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Row, Row, Row Your Dopes!

At Pagong, Gervase does some WWF-style announcement as Joel prepares to throw the spear, which sails right over the top of the coconut cage. Joel appears to be the only one trying at the spear-throw, and not, apparently, very hard. We see lots of shots of Joel missing the target. I think we're being set up here to believe that Tagi will win. Do you think Tagi will win?

Product-placed feet walk to the challenge area, and we see random shots of a watermelon, a pineapple, and some other fruit I can't identify, all placed on stumps. Other small fruits are stuck on a screen, with a background like that carnival game where balloons with different prizes are displayed and you throw a dart and get the prize inside the balloon you hit. The cameramen appear to really enjoy the fruit shots. Peachy welcomes the tribes and everyone claps, but Rudy refuses to do so until the director yells, "Cut!" and makes him. Rudy joins in, but it's obvious he hates every minute of it, and you can be sure that no one ever made him clap in the Navy. He also looks really short standing between Dirk and Peachy.

The blowgun competition is first. Each competitor gets ten shots; every fruit they hit goes into a basket, which carries over to the next round. We see lots of darts hitting fruit, but there's really no way to tell which team is doing better, and at the end of the event it looks like all the fruit is going into one basket anyway. Next comes the slingshot competition, the results of which are equally irritating. Gretchen and Richard get two minutes to knock fruit off, break a vase on which the fruit is placed, or embed a rock in the fruit. Again, it's impossible to tell who is hitting what, nor does it appear to matter.

In Round Three, Peachy announces, "This is where it gets very interesting," but he really means this is where it all gets pointless. The final round determines who gets ALL the fruit and a "very special food source, a mystery food source," which is hidden in a crate. On his second try, Joel scores a bulls-eye. Pagong celebrates and Jenna yells, "We want fruit!" Maybe for the Playboy spread they'll do a cheerleader theme, because this island thing has clearly been done. Sue wiggles her ass as she sets up to throw her last shot, which is a good effort, but fails to beat Joel's bulls-eye. Pagong collects all the fruit and "the very special mystery food prize," while shouting out things like "It's apples!" and "It's Snickers bars!" but it's really three live chickens. As they walk back to camp, Gretchen carries one chicken and Jenna cuddles and snuggles with another, but we know how loyal she is after Ramoaner's exile. Gervase asks if they're going to name the chickens, and Jenna says, "Yes: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner."

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