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Row, Row, Row Your Dopes!

At Tagi Day Sixteen, we are spared Peachy's treemail explanation as Dirk discovers an Immunity Challenge. The terrible poem mentions something about one rower and the rest swimmers. Tagi feels they have the edge, since Gervase can't swim, and that it's Kelly's "time to shine," because she's a commercial whitewater rafter. She says, "I know Gervase can't swim, so my guess is that they're gonna put him in the boat rowing, which is cool for me, because I could beat him any day of the week." Except Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

At Pagong, oh Lordy, we have to hear the poem twice! Jenna kindly says it may be a disadvantage that Gervase can't swim, but that "we all are gonna have our differences, not all of us are gonna be strong at everything." But not all of you are gonna suck at swimming, running, and bug-eating either. Greg has something frilly tied around his neck. The team decides that Gervase will row and he tells us, "Comfort level with swimming is about eighty percent. I mean, I've heard you're more buoyant and you don't sink as though [sic] the salt water. I don't know that though. To me, I'll sink like I was in a pool." Greg suddenly launches into song. He's singing and dancing and marching around the camp in his little skirt and tank top. The song is from West Side Story, but it looks like he thinks he auditioning for La Cage Aux Folles, or more likely, the houseboy role in The Bird Cage. But I did get a chuckle. He then yells, "I can't wait!" and goes running off toward the water.

Just Peachy tells us that the day's Immunity Challenge is called "Shipwrecked," and new techno music plays to prove how important the task at hand is. Peachy explains that "five members from each tribe are stranded on items of floating debris, simulating a sunken-ship disaster," and that the "remaining two castaways must rescue the members of their own tribe by using outrigger canoes." We get various shots of floating tribe members, including one of Rudy hanging onto a big crate as his sneakered foot pops up at a cameraman. Peachy sits down with Kelly and Gervase and re-explains the race, in case they slept through it the first time. Once they pick up a team member, the additional castaway can start rowing. There's also a "bailer," and Just Peachy says they'll surely "take on water" on a day like this. How The Perfect Storm of them. This begins Peachy's favorite portion of the show, the touchy-feely part, as he asks Kelly how she was chosen to row. She throws one arm up in the air, tucks it behind her head, ducks her head all nonchalant, and says, "Well, I'm a water all-star; this is my element right here, so there was no choice." I had no idea such crap would spring forth from her mouth; I think she might have surprised herself. She sounds like Danny Zuko trying to impress Sandy in Grease. Peachy then turns to Gervase and says, all garbage-mouthed, "You, on the other hand: Water is, as we talked about [sic], this is a whole new thing for you. Are you rowing because you'd rather row than swim?" Gervase responds, "Yes, I think that's what they we [sic] were thinking at first, but I knew it would be kind of tricky, and it's showtime, so I like the spotlight." Peachy then reinforces that "they're doing nothing out there" and "it's all on the boat."

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