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Row, Row, Row Your Dopes!

Kelly's already lost the race before her boat hits the water; it's very difficult for her to get launched, and once she hits the water she goes nowhere fast. At one point she's literally rowing in place. Gervase is way ahead, and first picks up Joel. He's got Greg, too, before Kelly's even got Sue, her first teammate. I don't know who determined in what order the castaways would be placed, but it's kind of important. Once Gervase picks up his teammates, he decides he's done his duty, laces his fingers behind his head, puts his feet up, and just kicks back. Pagong's whole boat is full before Kelly gets Dirk, the third Tagi, in. Pagong drags their boat to shore and starts jumping around, celebrating their victory. Kelly looks distraught and Richard eyes her weirdly. Peachy jumps in on the Pagong fun and says, "Gervase's last words were, 'I like the spotlight, bring it on,'" at which point Gervase throws himself down on the ground as he did after the running race, except this time he actually accomplished something. Kelly pouts over on a log and says, "I get beat by a guy who can't even swim." Sue tries to comfort her but Kelly's busy beating herself up with, "Yea. Go Kelly. I can't believe this." Gervase grabs the idol and says, "Welcome back home, immunity idol," although he's looking directly at Greg when he says this.

At Pagong, we see that Kelly has completed a "Rowdy Rudy's Diner" banner. She tells us she was the "best choice to put in that boat" and says in a wacky voice that covers eight octaves, "You know, like I said, sometimes your best just isn't goooooood enough and liiiiiife just wouldn't be liiiiiife if everybody didn't get their little embarrassments from time to time, so..." She tells Sean, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," and he says he tells himself that every day, which was a nice thing to do, considering he hasn't totally failed at a challenge yet. Sean then says he thinks Rudy will be the next to go, as we see a shot of Rudy shouldering up his pack. Richard blabs on about his alliance.

Tagi hikes through the jungle to where Peachy is sitting on the money trunk, thinking, "Yea, my ass is on your money!" and, "Dog this, Sue!" He says, "What's the say, Tribal Council? Tough situation." He calls on Kelly and she says, "Coulda shoulda woulda a lot of things. You know I said some things at the beach, whatever, not making excuses, not trying to, not going to...Ate a little crow, it's all right, doesn't mean I have to like it." I think she's preparing to relieve Dana Carvey of his George Bush impersonation role. Sean says his position is "nebulous." Peachy asks Dirk if he questions how effectively he fits into the group. Objection! Leading the witness! Is Peachy auditioning for The Practice? Dirk says, "I can't think myself into being more effective, you know, I'm working hard on catching fish and I've been completely unsuccessful. I'm working hard at, you know, hunting tapioca and I've been, you know, completely unsuccessful. I've been working hard, you know; I've failed at everything I've tried, but it's not like the effort's not there, you know what I'm saying?" Way to sell yourself, Dirk. I suddenly realize that every member of Tagi, except perhaps for Richard, has a speech impediment. Peachy then calls Richard out on his alliances, and Richard dodges the question by acting like Peachy is talking about the friendships between him and Rudy, Sue and Kelly, and Dirk and Sean. Dick's a smooth operator, and starts rambling about the alliance of the greater group as a whole. Peachy exclaims, "Foiled again!" and adds that it's time for the vote, because he can't wait to try again at convincingly emoting sadness after he kicks someone off.

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