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Robin Hood

Previously on Survivor, Butch was on a need-to-know basis, and Matthew was gonna be chain. A chain link. You know, like a chain? Exactly! A chain! Alex and Jenna enjoyed pastries, HeiDDi was bit by a spider, Matthew happily ate a live beetle larva to claim the immunity, and Deena knew that Alex had to go if she was to stay in the game. But Alex didn't go, and so Deena did. Seven remain; who will be voted out tonight?

A backlit tree brings us to Day 28 at Jackée. The wary-eyed croc from episodes past makes an appearance, followed by a second, closer-up appearance. Matthew and Butch are out fishing. And of course they're out fishing, because they spend twenty-three hours out of every day out fishing. In the twenty-fourth hour, Matthew sharpens his machete while Butch presses his "Believe in Yourself" banner. Back at camp, the alliance of Rob, HeiDDi, Alex, and Jenna lies in repose, and HeiDDi pulls her buff over her eyes to block the sun. Alex proclaims the buff a "multi-purpose accessory," causing HeiDDi to lament that she's not yet worn it as a tube top. Jenna groans in excitement and says, "Ah! If you wear it as a tube top, I'll wear it as a skirt," confirming that they are indeed in seventh grade. HeiDDi agrees that dressing alike would be fun, and Jenna calls them the "Bobbsey Twins," which is a total shout-out to the TWoP forums. Not that we want shout-outs from Jenna! Boo! Hiss!

In an interview, Alex tells us that the game is working out so far for the members of his alliance, and that they're having a great time. As the camera pans over HeiDDi's unnaturally erect breasts, Alex explains that as long as they maintain the majority vote and "control immunity," they'll remain in the final four. The members of the group debate whether Matthew and Butch will catch fish today, and Rob jokes that one of them will "get fired" if they don't catch something soon. HeiDDi asks, "In three days?" because she thinks she gets the joke, but isn't sure.

As Rob goes on about how the others are "falling behind in their chores," Christy hovers in the background of the conversation. So either the others are so cocky that they don't care if she knows what they're saying, or they assume she can't understand and rudely conduct the conversation right in front of her anyway. Jenna joins in the mocking, insisting that Butch and Matthew need to get their act together. No kidding -- they need to get their act together and vote off these jokers! Rob whine that he works hard all day thinking of funny things to say, while Jenna claims to exert her energy on figuring out "really cool outfit[s] to wear to the challenge[s]." Alex interviews that he's enjoying the game; although he knew he would meet "cool people," he never thought they would let him hang out with them. Back in the group, Jenna announces that she considers the others to be her best friends, "not just here -- like, at home." Aw. That's nice. Nice and pathetic. She interviews that as an only child, she's very close to her parents, adding, "Like, I just sit at home and chill with them, like, almost every night of the week and just eat and have fun." Unlike Rob, anyway, whose parents don't let him out of the basement. Jenna adds that she misses her parents and explains, "My mom's not well. I left her." We see multiple shots of sad-sack Jenna as she voice-overs hope that her mother is doing well in Jenna's absence. HeiDDi wears a torn-up Flashdance-style t-shirt and explains in an interview that Jenna's mother has cancer. HeiDDi thinks it's scary that they haven't heard from their families in "gosh knows how long," and I think it's scary that she can't count to twenty-eight. Jenna wraps it up by telling us that although she still thinks about her parents, she doesn't have to as much, because other people love her, too.

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