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Robin Hood

Peachy next questions whose name came up most when asked who was the most honest tribe member. Butch clutches his answer to his chest before revealing that he voted for himself. Was he afraid someone was going to cheat? Rob also votes for himself, as do Matthew and Alex, while Christy votes for Rob and HeiDDi votes for Alex. It turns out that the tribe agreed on Matthew, and so he scores the sole point of the round. So although the majority of them voted for Matthew, the majority of them didn't think the majority of them voted for Matthew. Got it?

The next question asks who in the group could never survive on his or her own, and Peachy comments that there are a "lotta 'Jenna's up there" as we see that Christy, Butch, Rob, and Matthew all threw votes her way, while she and HeiDDi both voted for Rob. Jenna pouts that she has no idea why the others would think that, and Peachy snarkily repeats, "You're using sex as a weapon. You couldn't survive on your own." Jenna claims that it's "personal opinion." So now Matthew has three points; Rob, Christy, and Butch each have two points; and the rest of the tribe members have one point each. Why doesn't it surprise me that Alex, Jenna, and HeiDDi have the lowest tribal and self-awareness of the entire group?

Peachy asks who most needs therapy, and everyone votes for Matthew, except for Christy and Butch, who vote for Jenna. Hee. That's funny. Peachy points out that Matthew has once against correctly guessed himself. The rest of the tribe giggles as Matthew announces, "I'm a lunatic. What can I say?" Peachy asks if he's bothered that others think that way, but he says that they joke about it all the time "and everyone thinks [he's] crazy, so..." Matthew holds onto his lead, trailed by Rob, one point behind. They look at each other and exchange shifty glances.

The S7 are next asked what the tribe's majority response was to the question, "Who would you most like to see pose nude in a magazine?" There's definitely a Dog Fancy joke in there somewhere. Peachy is "very curious" to see who they'll say. As they reveal their votes, Jenna's eyes shift around manically as she tries to make sure she got the majority vote. It's not to be, though, as the majority of the S7 vote for HeiDDi, and HeiDDi it is. Jenna tries to smile, but looks more pissed off. Alex explains that he had a good view of Jenna "when they got naked last time," but HeiDDi was too far away for him to see. Ew. That's kind of creepy. HeiDDi giggles and gloats as Peachy asks if she's surprised to have been chosen. She answers that she is, because Jenna is "gorgeous." When asked if it makes HeiDDi "wanna strut [her] stuff a little more," she emphatically responds "no." Well, as emphatically as a babbling idiot like HeiDDi can, anyway. Jenna jumps in to deadpan, "She's. Just as. Gorgeous." So she just called herself gorgeous. It turns out that everyone except for HeiDDi and Matt (who both voted for Jenna) answered correctly, causing Peachy to hysterically announce, "Here's who got it right: HeiDDi, you didn't." So Matthew and Rob are now tied with four, and one point away from immunity.

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