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Robin Hood

Peachy also thinks Alex must be feeling good about himself because he still looks good and has a smile on his face after thirty days. Alex admits to his rough spots, but feels great about where he is in the game and how he feels.

Lastly, Peachy points out that Christy -- who is wearing her hair in two fetching braids -- has weathered the entire month, and she responds that the next nine days will be a "piece of cake! I can totally do it."

Peachy switches the conversation around: "Let me bring up something I'm noticing, sitting here." He points out that HeiDDi has a "star -- I think a star -- on [her] face," while Jenna has a heart. The girls giggle because Peachy can't tell the difference between a sun and a star. That Peachy! Alex pissily looks away because he wanted a matching moon. Peachy asks whether they think "tattooing yourself" with only one other member of the tribe announces, "I'm tight with Jenna. Just know that." But then maybe the whole swearing-not-to-vote- against-each-other thing tipped the others off first. Jenna isn't concerned: she thinks it's natural that certain people have bonded more closely with others, and she can't resist the urge to get in a little boast about the alliance, adding that it's not just her and HeiDDi, but "a couple other people, too." Peachy questions whether it's risky to make a "demonstrative display" on your face like that. As opposed to the non-demonstrative kind of display. Butch responds that he usually might think so, but in this case, HeiDDi and Jenna are "just together." He insists that, although "they're in there talking a lot to each other," Butch is sometimes actually included in casual conversations, and even on occasion permitted to "make comments."

Peachy asks Rob if it's important in the game for players to know all of their tribemates, or only those with whom they are aligned. Rob claims that the most overlooked part of the game is "interpersonal relationships," and not just with your own set of friends. He says it's important to know what's going through the heads of everyone in the game.

Peachy finally asks whether HeiDDi would be "somewhat surprised" to be voted out. She would, as would Alex. Christy, however, says that if she were voted out, she would not be surprised at all.

So the voting commences with a filthy-looking Jenna.

Mathew votes for Alex: "He crossed me once, I forgave him. He crossed me twice, I offered reconciliation. His reign is over."

The tribal trill sounds as whooshy sound effects accompany a flame.

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