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Robin Hood

Alex votes for "Matteo [sic]" because he's too big of a threat and so it's time for him to go.

That's all we see, and Peachy returns from arranging the votes for maximum suspense. The first and second votes are for Alex, followed by three votes for Matthew and a third vote for Alex. Alex probably still feels pretty comfortable here, while Matthew looks more curious than anything else. A final vote for Alex makes him the tenth person voted out of the game and the third member of the jury. HeiDDi is expressionless, while Matt rolls his head around to look directly at Alex, Jenna plays with her mouth, Rob hides a smile, and Christy grins openly. Of all the players, she always looks like she's enjoying the game the most. Rob may also be enjoying playing the game, but mostly he just looks constipated. In a rare display of sportsmanship, Alex wishes the others well, and Jenna silently mouths, "Bye, Alex," as he exits. Peachy concludes that, judging by HeiDDi's and Jenna's pissy expressions, the vote was a surprise to at least a few of them.

Next time on Survivor, the sun rises. Rob doesn't care about personal relationships, and Jenna can feel free to write "R-O-B" on her parchment. Also, Peachy stands against a very fake-looking ocean backdrop.

As the credits roll, we see that the votes came down as expected: Butch, Christy, Matthew, and Rob voted for Alex, while Alex, Christy, and Jenna voted for Matthew. Alex admits that he was duped, and suspects that it was Rob who "flipped on [him]." He thinks he played as best as he could and takes the typical sore-loser party line: "Apparently I was the biggest threat at this point." He concludes, "So I'm gonna go get a shower, get some food, and get some Shawna." Okay, so he doesn't say the part about Shawna, but you know that's what he's thinking.

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