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Robin Hood

Butch and a very veiny Matthew hack and gather wood before we cut to yet another shot of Alex, Rob, HeiDDi, and Jenna lying out in the sun. Alex tells us that, although he hates to say it, "it's a little bit like high school." He then launches into an explanation of how his group has the "luxury" of doing less work because they hold the majority vote. And here I was thinking it was like high school because four completely reprehensible human beings are inexplicably lording power over more rightful others! Christy, who carries logs through much of this episode, explains in an interview that she knows she's a hard worker, but sometimes she just wants the others to get off their butts and get wood or do anything at all, but "they just do jack shit."

Matthew throws wood around, while Butch looks over at his slothful tribemates. Matthew finds their behavior "incomprehensible," and points out that in treating him "like dirt," they've essentially guaranteed that he'll vote against any of them in the final two. Except that at this point in the game, it's likely that two of them will be the final two, in which case he'd have to vote for one or the other. Or kill them both, I suppose. We see Alex -- who may or may not be pitching a tent -- stand up, while Butch proclaims the situation "ridicoolous." I could listen to Butch say "ridicoolous" all day long.

Christy, Rob, and Jenna stomp through the woods toward treemail, which is revealed to be a billfold full of money. Jenna is particularly excited and tears back toward camp screaming about the Benjamins, so either she really likes money, or she knows there's an upcoming food auction. After Rob reads the clue ("Easy come, easy go. You're invited to come and play. You will compete to get some treats. But soon the offer goes away"), Jenna asks if it means they'll all get something, or if it's "a joke." Ha! That would be funny. In an interview, HeiDDi tells us that the treemail said "something like you're gonna auction off, you know, make sure you place your bets wisely...for food." We just heard the treemail and it said nothing like that, but whatever. Alex counts his share of the money: $500, and Rob announces that he's tempted to keep the money and "screw the food," because "this is, like, [his] life savings." Having acknowledged his own unsuccessful sex life, I'm sure screwing food is something Rob has tried. Jenna asks if they get to keep the change, and HeiDDi adds, "Ditto." And who says "ditto" after a question? You can't "ditto" a question!

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