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Robin Hood

The S7 arrive at the challenge, where a particularly dimply Peachy seats them on bleachers. He welcomes them to the Survivor Auction, but with a good deal less fanfare than he has used in years past. The contestants each have $500 to bid on a limited number of items, some of which will be concealed with covers. But the auction will stop without warning, so Peachy cautions them to bid when they see something they like and not to hold out for something better. Throughout this speech, Rob randomly looks to his left and right, under his seat, and over his head.

The first item is a piece of cheesecake, and Peachy starts the bidding at $120. Only HeiDDi bids, so she claims the cake. As Peachy puts it before her, he announces, "It's all you've ever wanted in life." A piece of cheesecake is all she ever wanted in life? I guess this is HeiDDi we're talking about. Matthew thinks HeiDDi would have bid the entire $500 for the cheesecake, as we see shots of HeiDDi taking teensy bites and chewing them up really small because they have less calories and fat that way. Jenna asks, "Good, girlfriend?"

Butch counts and recounts his money, which is amusing since he hasn't bid on anything yet. Peachy reveals the first covered item -- which looks like a beehive -- and opens the bidding at $40. The S7 jump in and Jenna looks like she's going to take the auction with $220, but Alex snakes her with $240 at the very last second. As he counts out the bills -- and what's the deal with all the bill-counting, anyway? They can't remember how much they spent? Or in the case of all of them (except HeiDDi) at this point, that they haven't spent anything at all? Peachy orders Alex to "hold on" because he wants to make him an offer, before revealing another, rounder, less beehive-y, covered plate. Peachy offers a trade, to which Alex responds, "Why not?" Peachy confirms, "You're gonna trade?" and Alex instead says he'll stick with what he bought. But his mind isn't made up yet as he adds, "You know, Jeff, you're just so tough on me here." He so wishes. Alex continues to flail over the decision until Peachy advises, "Go with your gut, Alex. What's your gut saying?" (Alex's gut is clearly saying it wants some more manioc, because that's what he eventually ends up with.) Peachy reveals that the second covered plate holds lasagna; the lasagna particularly excites Jenna and Christy, the latter of whom makes a series of frantic hand gestures toward her mouth. As Peachy moves toward the other covered plate, he goads, "So odds are what?" to which Alex responds, "I got screwed, but hey -- you never know!" As Peachy unveils the manioc, he says, "But you're familiar with it," and Alex unconvincingly says it's "all good" because he "love[s] the stuff." The others want to know what it is, and Jenna doesn't sound disappointed for Alex as she attempts to commiserate. Walking back to the bleachers, Alex groans, "Two hundred and forty dollars for manioc. I got screwed, but hey -- you know? -- whatever." Jenna seconds Alex's "Hey, whatever," for no apparent reason and then immediately launches into "Aw, lasagna. Lasagna, baby." Peachy doesn't put the lasagna up for auction, however, unless it was edited out because they couldn't show Jenna's winning bid -- puffing on a cigarette with her genitals -- on primetime television.

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