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Robin Hood

The camera pans over an open-mouthed crocodile that is either fake or dead as we round a corner of the river to join Butch and Matthew who are (what else?) fishing. Butch skins a catch as Matthew creepily announces, "That's a beautiful fish. We haven't eaten that fish yet." He then quickly lowers his voice, smoothly shifting into strategizing about the great shot they have if they work on getting Rob on their side. He tells us in a voice-over that it's a critical time with the "subgroups" that have formed, and cites HeiDDi, Jenna, and Alex as one sub-group, with Rob on the outside. He whispers to Butch that if they can get Rob on their side, they'll have four powerful Tribal Council votes. He thinks it should be obvious to Rob that Alex considers him expendable.

In a rare Butch interview, he makes creepy hands and tells us that he and Matthew don't want to hurry or rush the situation because information could leak out. Matthew then volunteers to approach Christy "very delicately" because she doesn't trust anyone right now. Still, he thinks he and Christy had lots of good conversations. Butch closes the conversation and wants to return to camp: "I don't want them to come down and see us talkin' this close." Hey! I thought Matthew decided when to initiate and end all their conversations! In an interview, Matthew tells us that although they have a great shot at taking over the game, if they don't succeed, he, Butch and Christy will be eliminated in the next three Tribal Councils.

Gospel-y, humming music plays as the tribe members bed down for the night. Alex has Butch's pillow. Then, the sun rises. Yes, that's exactly what happened in this segment. Heady stuff, people.

It's now Day 29 at Jackée, and Alex and Rob are awake while Jenna and HeiDDi snuggle up next to each other, sleeping. The two men perch on logs, and Alex tells Rob was thinking that if the members of their alliance make it to the final four, HeiDDi and Jenna have sworn never to vote against each other. Alex concludes, "So, the way I see it: if I win immunity, my vote goes for you, and I'm sure if you win immunity, you're gonna vote me out and that's totally cool. I'm down. It's no worries." Rob "mmm hmmm"s back to Alex before telling us in an interview that Alex's revelation was "really kinda curious." Not to mention really kinda moronic. Rob paraphrases Alex's explanation: that they're all best friends, and that if Rob ends up in fourth place, he should be happy that he's lost to three worthy people. Jenna tosses and turns as Alex insists that if either he or Rob wins immunity, it's a different situation, and he doesn't know what will happen then. Isn't that the opposite of what he just said? Since Alex characteristically makes no sense, I'm not surprised. In any case, he insists that since he and Rob have been "down with each other" since the beginning of the game, he wants to be honest and "straight up." Straight up stupid. Alex again says that the other two "swore on their lives," and asks if Rob is "cool with that." We don't hear Rob's answer, which is probably "What the fuck is wrong with you, man?" In an interview, Rob tells us that he realizes he's "comin' off as very sensitive with this group -- talkin' about how much I love them and how much I'm gonna be friends with them after the game," but that he never stopped playing, and over his dead body will he just let someone pass him by. Rob looks sleepy and dejected as he and Alex wrap up their conversation.

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