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Just Parashoot Me

Last week on Survivor: B.B. got the boot. Stayfree continued her war against Rudy. Colleen and Greg got friendly, but not in a homosexual way, that's for sure. Sean refused to speak in coherent sentences.

Camp Tagi. Day Seven. Kelly stretches and tells us she doesn't know where she is when she wakes up in the morning. I bet the cameras in her face tip her off pretty quickly. Susan says she thinks it's day seven, but she's not sure. Even if Sue had a calendar, she still probably wouldn't know what day it was. Kelly, Stayfree and Susan head out to check the traps and Kelly sleepily laments the lack of fish: "There's no reason why we shouldn't be having fish for dinner every night but we're just not. To me, that's kinda like uh [sic], yea [sic], woo-hoo, big Survivors, you know?" Oh, we know. Susan suggestively asks when the last time Rudy went for water was, implying that he isn't pulling his own weight. I suspect that's what Susan's strategy is; she talks shit about everyone, votes her conscience, and doesn't even have to worry about her own ass getting sent back to Palmyra. Kelly says that Rudy's lack of contributions will influence her at the next Tribal Council. I don't think anyone's influencing Kelly except Stayfree, and besides, we all know Kelly voted for Rudy at the last Tribal Council, so what's the big if she votes for him this time? Kelly introduces an entirely new strategy to the group when she suggests, "It's sucky but I think it's gonna come down to whoever screws up at the challenges." Susan adds as if its a novel concept, "Yea, I think I'd already know who I'd vote for: the person that least contributes to the group." Susan then tilts her head and nods in such a way that I think she's motioning towards Stayfree, but then I realize she's just miming an off-the-boat/off-the-island sort of gesture. Stayfree rolls her eyes for no apparent reason. Stayfree is like this girl I knew in college. We'll call her Whitley. If you said, "I'm going to the bathroom," she'd roll her eyes. If you said, "I got a B on my calculus exam," she'd roll her eyes. If you said, "My grandmother just died," she'd roll her eyes. A few months into freshman year, Whitley had no friends and the eye rolling continued even in response to the most innocuous things. And then I figured out that she had no control over her eye rolling, but I still didn't hang out with her because aside from the spontaneous eye rolling, Whitney was an annoying girl anyway. In a confessional Susan tells us that, "Stayfree is trying to buddy up with people because she knows she's a weakness." I was hoping Susan would call them "the chicks" again, but she didn't. I guess I'll just have to rewind the tape and re-watch the first episode. Stayfree tells us that Sue didn't want to say who she's voting for, and that although they'd originally decided to stick together, "Now I don't trust her as far as I can throw her, which, according to the group, would be not far."

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