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Just Parashoot Me

Sean votes for Stayfree and says, "I'm voting for Stayfree, um [sic], nothing personal. I love her to death and this is no reflection on the type of person she is." Aw. That's what Sean wrote in my fifth-grade yearbook. We don't hear the others' voting rationale because they're rushing through the storm. We see Stayfree vote for Rudy and Rudy votes for Stayfree. Kelly votes for Rudy too. I can make out that Richard is also voting for Stayfree.

As Peachy leaves to tally the votes, Stayfree makes a raspberry with her lips and rolls her eyes. Whitley didn't have the raspberry problem. They read the votes; we hear two for Stayfree and two for Rudy. I'm sure they arrange the votes in such a way that they sound more dramatic. Stayfree nods her head when her name is called on her fourth vote as if she has decreed it so. She gets up and looks at Susan and snarks, "All right, you switched your vote." Peachy happily goes through the motions of snuffing her soaked lifelight. Stayfree keeps going, "Okay," and, "All right," because for something to happen she must give permission and then she disappears from our lives forever, and we will never ever stalk her through email or her company's website.

Next week: Ramoaner moans about how bad the storm was. Gretchen says she won't sleep in the shelter anymore and that she's "going into the woods." Sean wants a bowling alley and Susan doesn't. Richard gleefully tells us he's plotting something sneaky!

After the commercial, Stayfree says, "They kicked off their bug-eating hero instead of their food-stealin', stumbling, ornery old Navy SEAL. Probably the guys said, 'We need to vote off a woman 'cause we need physical strength and who do we think is the least productive,' and that would be me. And yet, I was much more productive than the four guys." And that's the last we will ever have to hear from Stayfree. Join me and Dirk in saying Hallelujah!

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