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Just Parashoot Me

At the sand strip, ominous trunks drop into the water. Tagi struts up the beach while Pagong congas over led by Jenna, who couldn't look like she's having more fun. Each member of the Tagi team except Rudy thinks, "Dang. I'm on the wrong team." Just Peachy has the most bizarre delivery of lines, and sounds very happy in announcing that B.B. got voted off last night. This task, which rivals the torch-lighting silliness of the first episode, involves each team swimming out to inner tubes, retrieving a chest and bringing it back to a platform on shore. Basically, it's a glorified swimming contest. And unless Tagi is hiding a miserable swimmer behind Richard, we know Pagong is gonna lose this one. Susan bites it as they run down the beach at the start of the race. I like Susan but that doesn't mean I can't take pleasure from watching her fall. Tagi reaches their inner tube first and Richard and Rudy try to bring the trunk up, but with little luck. At Pagong, Gervase has his own little yellow flotation device, a pair of swimmies, and a nose plug. Well, all except the swimmies and the nose plug. Colleen (because she's "rough and ready") and Greg figure out that they can't lift the trunk and push and pull it along the bottom instead. Someone said in the forums that Joel wasn't taking a turn at diving because he was busy keeping Ramoaner and Gervase afloat; I don't see that for myself, but they certainly can't keep themselves up, so I'll take your word for it. By now, Tagi has caught on and dragged their trunk all the way to the beach; as they rise from the water, they're clustered in a tight little pack. The camera pans back to show Pagong, and they're still out in the ocean, scattered all over the place. This was really funny, but it doesn't translate well in the telling. I notice that Stayfree kept on her big cargo shorts during the challenge. I used to be a lifeguard and as part of the training they made us swim with our jeans on to show how much more difficult it was to be weighed down by clothing. She'll eat bugs for her team, but she won't show the world her thighs? When Tagi celebrates, they start chanting, "Our beach now, baby," which I think is started by Dirk because he has to release his energy somehow. Back in the water, Ramoaner and Gervase practically drown as they cling to each other. The victorious trunk is full of scuba gear and a fishing spear. As the camera pans away, we see Tagi holding hands and prancing in a circle around the trunk. I know the director made them do this because Rudy would never prance of his own free will.

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