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Just Parashoot Me

At Pagong, Jenna reads the clue, which is phrased like a telegram, aloud. At the end of every line, she points at Colleen who yells, "Stop." This might be annoying if they both weren't so cute. Their stretcher is better than Tagi's; Colleen's head isn't bobbing all over the place like Kelly's was.

The cameras show in slow-motion each team's approach to the beach, like that scene from Reservoir Dogs. I guess an Immunity Challenge is too serious for a conga line. Just Peachy doesn't walk well on sand. He makes each team choose a leader and Stayfree looks back at Dirk, which is just weird. Maybe she's expecting him to push her forward. Peachy explains that the challenge is a simulated plane crash, in which the lone survivor is hanging by a parachute from a tree in the jungle. Plane crash scenarios are always in such good taste. He feels the need to further explain that, "They are equal distance from the beach so everything's fair." Kelly and Colleen are now up in their trees, in jumpsuits and full parachute gear, hanging and cheering. It totally should have been Stayfree in the tree; not because she's lighter than Kelly but just because she's so obviously useless. Dirk races ahead to rescue his beloved, but Tagi isn't really ever in the running. It's hard to tell, however, as they can't show us exactly what each team is doing unless they went to split screen, which wouldn't be such a bad idea. Pagong wins.

While both teams are standing around after the race, the camera zooms in on a rash on Richard's chest, and either this was sustained during the challenge or the love-handle-obsessed cameraman is back on shift. Susan says, "We just gotta get some fish tonight to keep our strength up. I didn't want to do this tonight." But she's kind of grinning and you know Susan looks forward to nothing better than a good Tribal Council. Meanwhile, Pagong is sent off to "Bird Island" to do what they do best: look good.

Back at camp, Stayfree says, "Fun, fun," with a snide look on her face at the prospect of going to Tribal Council. Richard auditions for the role of narrator next season and re-explains the concept of Tribal Council, in case we forgot. Stayfree says, "I feel bad, 'cause I know they're all as scared about being voted off as I am. I thought it was a done deal that Rudy would be the next one off, but it could be me. I don't know." Rudy has my favorite line in the episode when he says, "I'm gonna vote Stayfree off at Tribal Council tonight 'cause I don't like 'er, and I never will!" Rudy chuckles as he exclaims this and it's all in his delivery, as I crack up and hit rewind. Susan continues on her path of deception as she says, "I told Stayfree I was gonna vote for Rudy, but I was thinking about voting for her, 'cause she was the weakest. I gotta think of the team; that's what I came in here for." I hate it when they're all team this and team that: There's one survivor. That's why the show is called Survivor and not SurvivorS.

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