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The Bean Scene

Boran walks very slowly into Tribal Council led by a dismal-looking Clarence. The area is filled with big, fake-looking tents with windows that look like slots. We know the routine: fire represents life in the savannah; seven will return to camp; one will go on The Early Show. Peachy asks what the tribe will do when they return to camp. Jessie kindly answers the question without snickering and says they will boil water and drink it. Peachy calls out Big Bird for her failure in the challenge. She says she was "outta gas" and blames it on the lack of water. She got the beans a day too late, I guess. Peachy then turns to Clarence and forces him to talk about having done "some horrible things" and repenting for them. Clarence lays it on a bit thick: he says he let the others down, and he wants their respect and their forgiveness. But what he really wants is their share of the food. Ethan takes a long-winded route of saying he was surprised by Clarence's unethical bean-eating. Tom concludes, "[Clarence] had a weak flaw in his character," and says he'll forgive but he won't forget. Peachy then advises them to write in "clear block letters" as they vote.

Diane votes for Clarence, saying he was deceitful and that she didn't appreciate being called a liar since "[she's] not one." Ethan votes for Diane because she's the weakest person. He says he won't forget what Clarence did, but the tribe needs him now because he's big and strong. Tom votes for "C.B" and says something rambly and bizarre and almost certainly rehearsed about Clarence, who "looks strong, but is weak." Hey, a riddle! Clarence votes for Diane and expresses his disappointment in her. He says she lied to him for no reason, which would really disappoint Gordon and Maria, and concludes that "[she's] nothing like [his] mother."

Peachy tallies the votes. Clarence gets the first one, then Diane, then Clarence, then Diane. Then Diane, Diane, Diane. Five votes is all she needs, and Big Bird's torch gets extinguished. Peachy smugly advises the others to return to camp, boil water, and "do some mending as a tribe."

Next week on Survivor: let the scheming begin! At Boran, it's boys vs. girls. At Samburu, Silas wants Lindsey to "trust" him.

As the credits roll, we see that everyone except Tom (and Diane) voted for Diane. She tells us she's glad to go because "it's tough, real tough," and that she's on her way to where the air is free.

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