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The Bean Scene

The theme music sounds cool with its new African influences. There's a hippo in the credits. It's not Tom, either. Teresa is really sweet-faced. A lion eats some meat, and other animals attack each other. These are really aggressive credits.

Peachy says "adventure of a lifetime" again. He explains the situation: the Africa S16 are not allowed to speak to each other yet, and have been divided into two competing tribes named after the people of Africa. The Samburu tribe will always wear red and will consist of Brandon, Carl, Frank, Kim P., Lindsey, Linda, Silas, and Teresa. I went over all of them in Countdown to Africa, so I won't do it again here, since they give the same information and show the same silly public relations shots. The Boran tribe will always wear gold, and I'm glad that's not me because I'd feel pretty tacky if I had to wear gold for thirty-nine straight days. Boran consists of Clarence, Diane, Ethan, Jessie, Kelly, Kim J., Lex, and Tom. I can't say just how irritating Kelly's little introductory blurb is. She primly sits poolside in front of a Tudor mansion in a strapless black dress. Diane leans on a mailbox as if being a mail carrier represents her entire identity. Maybe it does. Personally, I'd have liked to have seen her on the set of Sesame Street chumming up with Mr. Snuffalupagus. Jessie gives her best "bad cop" stare as she stands in front of a squad car with the lights flashing. Boran's inspired more commentary than Samburu.

The truck arrives at its destination. The driver herds the contestants off the truck yelling, "Down, down, down, down, down, hurry, faster, faster, faster!" My eighty-nine-year-old grandmother can move faster than these people. Especially when there's a slot machine around. I didn't say that. The truck driver enjoys yelling orders at the new S16; he's kind of dancing around. I enjoy watching them being ordered around, so I dance around, too. And then Piglet joins in too, because she always loves the dancing. Ten hours later, they're all finally off the truck. The driver tells them, "Have a nice day," and grins as he takes off. I miss him already. He must think these crazy Americans are lion bait, but he's too nice to say so. Linda immediately grabs Samburu's set of instructions and starts reading in a very annoying voice. They can only bring to camp what they can carry, and they are warned to choose wisely. Lindsey, also of Samburu, finds a bongo drum. Flashbacks to Jerri bring on sudden bursts of intense head pain. They are reminded that the "animals can be extremely dangerous." Brandon of Samburu points out that they've got some tomatoes in their supplies. Tom the goat farmer then looks directly into the camera as he says, "We're goin' on safari, not a gardening adventure." I thought they picked these people somewhat on their ability to act natural in front of the camera. Tom? Not so much. The tribes are told to take all the water they can carry because their water supply will need to be boiled before drinking. Peachy announces that they will live in "abandoned village dwellings." Linda, still reading aloud, gets tripped up on the word "unfriendly." Finally, the tribes head off toward their camps. A cool leapy animal with very long strides bounds past them.

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