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Day 29, Hae Da Fung. It is crazily raining, so the four people left at camp are huddled in a little cave to stay dry. Or drier, I guess. Todd interviews that this particular storm was "hell," and makes reference to wearing "a swimming suit that you've been wearing for a month." Yes, he said "swimming suit." I wonder where you wear that. You know, decade-wise. "I'm done with the rain. Done!" he declares.

The rewardees return on their boat as the people in the cave declare that they're not getting out of the cave to greet anyone. Denise says that she didn't understand where everyone was when they came back to camp. Amanda emerges in a camo bikini -- is that the same one she's been wearing? -- and she at least says hello. What follows is a typical sequence in which everyone back at camp is very resentful of the people who went on the challenge, and the people who went can't seem to keep their traps shut about all the wonderful treats they enjoyed. What's typical, too, is that Todd sits there and quizzes Peih-Gee about what they did and what they ate -- going so far as to ask whether the cookies were chocolate -- and then everybody acts like she was just coming back and rubbing it in out of nowhere. Courtney interviews that she was fine in the cave, and didn't like other people intruding by coming up and talking. I sort of sympathize with her, but this is all just a lot of misplaced crapola that's really the same old crapola about resenting people who do better than you do and get things you don't get.

And now, Todd has to debrief with Denise. Ew, not like that. He tells her that they were all so happy she got to go on the trip (lie!) because she likes her kung fu. Denise wants to know if "everything's still cool," and Todd tells her that everything is fine, by which he means, "You'll still be fifth." Denise goes on to explain to him that of course, Peih-Gee and Erik tried to "work on" her, but of course, she resisted. In an interview, Todd talks about the fact that Denise apparently reported back that Peih-Gee suggested voting out Todd. And what does Todd think of that? "And I'm thinking...bitch. You expect anybody to get up on your side? Anybody? Good job, because now I hate your guts." You hate her guts? Really? For trying to beat you? Just for trying to get you out, you hate her guts? Whatever. I think you're not giving her guts a fair chance, Todd. They might be very nice guts; they're just competitive guts, and you really shouldn't hold that against her.

Erik has a discussion with James in which he mentions Peih-Gee's concern about Todd and says he doesn't know whether James and Todd are close. James says he's going to try to win immunity, and then see what "the powers that be" want him to do.'re going to take advice from Todd about whether to boot Todd? I think I can probably guess what he'll say. It might save you some time. Erik chuckles at this and wants to know who "the powers that be" might be. (It means Todd, Erik! Look at the world outside your hair!) James grins and laughs at incredibly stupid Erik while pointing out that, obviously, if there's a group of five and a group of two, nobody from the group of five would be dumb enough to wander. James, as he is fond of doing, interviews that he's smarter than everyone -- specifically smarter than Erik, because he'd never wander from his wonderful alliance that is going to awesomely protect him forever. "I'm not going to flip on nobody; it's pointless," says James with a shrug.

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