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Anyway, Peih-Gee is first. Her first star goes into the ground. Her second one hits the board, but not any of the targets. Her third bounces off the board. So that's zero points for her.

Todd is next. "The mark to beat is zero!" Jeff announces in his assiest voice. Somebody should tell Todd that the green scarf he has tied around his head doesn't make him look tough; it makes him look like a quirky old painter, who is a lady. His first shot misses the targets, but not by much. Second one bounces off. Third one hits the three-point target. Todd actually does a little dance about the awesomeness of his third shot, which appears to rely on Goldilocks principles ("too high...too low...right in there!"), but I don't think Goldilocks ended her presentation of the soft/hard-bed dilemma with a James-Brown-y "Ouch!" as Todd does here.

Erik steps up. His first throw scores three. ("Southpaw scores three!" says Jeff Probst, who always thinks sports lingo makes him sound less like a dork, and who is always wrong.) Erik's second shot misses, but barely. His third is good for three, so that's six points for him, putting him in the lead.

Courtney steps up. Her first one scores three, and even Todd looks tickled for her. She seems to miss it, even, until she's suddenly all, "Oh, score!" Her second throw hits the two-point target, so she's at five. Third throw hits the one-point target, so that ties her with Erik. Pretty good showing -- she's the first one to hit all three times. Todd looks around incredulously, which takes him from "happy for her" to "passive-aggressively making fun of her in her moment of triumph," because really, he's an ungenerous dick, and it didn't take long for it to come out. Or to come back out, I guess.

James the alleged challenge monster is up next. First one bounces off. Second one gets three. Third one gets three, so he's tied with Courtney and Erik. James and Courtney -- a couple of power players.

Amanda gets three points, then no points, then three points, so she scores six. Amanda and her blurred behind are tied with Courtney, James, and Erik.

Denise is up last. She gets none, then two, so she has to hit the five-point heart to stay in it. She comes tantalizingly close to actually getting it; the star may have actually bounced off the heart. But it doesn't stick, so she's done. So Peih-Gee, Denise, and Todd are out, and Amanda, James, Courtney, and Erik are going up for the second round.

For the second round, they've moved the target another ten feet away. It's also configured a little differently. Courtney misses. Boo! Amanda scores two. Erik scores three. So now, it's James. Jeff Probst's favorite player is up! All hail! James stretches out his huge arms. Over on the bench, Erik clasps his hands together in good-natured hopes for James's abject failure. James throws and...bounces it off the board. So Erik is the big winner of individual immunity. Courtney winks at Amanda. Ooooh. Erik goes over to receive the necklace.

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