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After commercials, we find ourselves at Hae Da Fung on Day 30, where we move from a hatchet in the foreground to the flag in the background. Nice shot. The group returns, and everyone is pretending to be happy for Erik, as always. James tells us in an interview that this is perfectly okay, Erik having immunity, because they can just get rid of Peih-Gee and clear out Erik next time, and then "it's all cake after that."

But little does James know, Amanda is having a little talk with Todd right this minute. She tells him that they're essentially letting James free-ride to F3, where she thinks he will get votes. So she would like to "take control" right now and get rid of James. Todd says he's more afraid of Erik and Peih-Gee, because they're "fighters." That's just much too...squishy, I think, to be your theory at this stage of the game, you know? "Fighters" is not a good reason. Now is a time for numbers, not philosophy or character studies. In my favorite moment, Amanda says of Peih-Gee, "She hasn't won anything!" and Todd says, "She's won two in a row." Yeah. Not your best argument, there, Amanda. Amanda changes her argument, saying that it's okay, because if they get rid of James, they can still boot Erik if Peih-Gee wins immunity. Todd admits that if there were going to be a moment to boot James, this would be it. These people are SO STUPID. You think? When he has two immunity idols and there are three tribal councils left where they are good? You think you might want to choose tonight as your go-to night? I hate people.

Denise and Courtney show up, and Denise asks what they want to do. Todd says that he'll do whatever everybody else wants to do. Amanda says that they should vote out James. Courtney agrees. They ask Denise, and she nods. Denise points out the obvious, which is the risk that whoever Erik and Peih-Gee write down will be the one to go home if James is smart enough to play the idol. Todd tells her it will be him, and he repeats this in an interview. He stresses that the key to this entire plan will be to convince James that they're voting out Peih-Gee. Todd claims that lying to James's face "hurts really bad," because he likes James. "But I like a million dollars, too," Todd adds, not realizing that the mugging way in which he always says stuff like that detracts significantly from how amusing it is.

Peih-Gee and Erik lie on their backs in the shelter and talk. She's happy that three out of four individual immunities have been won by original members of Zhan Hu. Peih-Gee notices that the immunity idol is stashed up in the roof of the shelter, and interviews that the last card she can think of is that James has the immunity idol, and that there might be something to be made of that. So Peih-Gee has a talk with Amanda in which she says that she's basically resigned to going home. But she has something she wants to talk about. She asks Amanda if she knew that James had an immunity idol. When Amanda sits there dumbly, Peih-Gee asks Amanda if she knew that there were immunity idols. Amanda gets defensive, putting on her bitchface and declaring, "I'm not stupid." Well, Amanda is right, I suppose. Why is Peih-Gee so stupid that she doesn't understand that Amanda brilliantly participated in giving away the immunity idols to someone else? She's not stupid, you know! Trying to backpedal in light of Amanda's reaction, Peih-Gee says that she just found out herself, which I don't think is true. I think her reaction to finding it in the shelter smacked of "so this is where James is keeping it," rather than "it never occurred to me that there were immunity idols," or even "I didn't know James had an immunity idol." I could certainly be wrong, but I'm not sure she was as gobsmacked as she's letting on. Peih-Gee goes on to tell Amanda that she really thinks this would be a good time either to "flush it out" and at least make James play it, or to "blindside him." Amanda gets incredibly condescending -- the moment in which I have liked her the least all season -- and tells Peih-Gee to "slow down," as if Peih-Gee is doing something ridiculous by pointing out EXACTLY what Amanda was telling people earlier in this same episode, but because it's Peih-Gee doing it, now it's stupid and crazy and random. Amanda tells Peih-Gee that she should "trust" Amanda and not say anything or do anything for the rest of the day. Peih-Gee looks at the ground and laughs, saying, "Amanda, I can't..." Amanda says, "It will be in your best interests [wink] if you don't." Like, it's a literal wink. So Peih-Gee is put in a very difficult position, where Amanda is basically telling her not to do anything to protect herself because she doesn't need to, and she's pretty much saying that scrambling will make it worse. It's a tough call what to do there. Peih-Gee could tell James; it would be interesting to see what the results of that would be.

Peih-Gee talks to Erik back at the shelter, telling him it seems like the alliance is ready to move against James tonight. Peih-Gee tells Erik that she thinks the two of them should vote for Todd, because that way, if James does play an idol and the plan backfires, it will be Todd who goes home. Otherwise, obviously, you run the risk that whoever James votes for will go home, and that's likely to be Peih-Gee. So she's pretty much asking Erik to vote for Todd as protection for her. Erik interviews, quite correctly, that voting against Todd is good, in the sense that his leaving would be kind of good, but that he also takes a big risk by doing it. That's a legitimately tough position, because I think he feels some genuine loyalty to Peih-Gee, but I think he senses that his best chance at getting to the end is to jettison her and let her get bounced, and then see if he can sneak in with, say, Amanda and Courtney. Depending on what's been said to him about Amanda's belief that she doesn't want to go to F3 with Todd or Courtney OR James, Erik might legitimately think that as much as he's been on the same side as Peih-Gee, it's time to quit trying to put something together with her.

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