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Previously: Courtney chilled with Frosti (see what I did there?), and Todd glowered at them like a tiny, angry mouse. With a headwrap. A drum-handling challenge deprived Peih-Gee's team of a reward, and ultimately it led to Peih-Gee and James having yet another fight. Meanwhile, Erik bonded with Amanda, and it seemed like maybe he was going to work his way into hubba-hubballiance #2 for the season. Peih-Gee was all set for booting, but when she won immunity with her crazy stabbing skills, that didn't work so well, so they booted Big Threat Frosti -- or, as my fingers apparently think his name should be typed today, "Fristo," who sounds like one of the Three Musketeers or possibly Jack Wagner's evil twin. So that was that. OR WAS IT? It was not, entirely, because at the end of the voting, Jeff announced that we were not done yet, and that there would be "more business" at this tribal council before anyone could leave.

This week, we pick up at "more business," and Jeff starts by dismissing Jaime and J-R, because this doesn't involve them. Hmm. That would tend to make you think it is not a booting, since the jury views all bootings. I wonder what this means. Naked charades? Jeff solemnly announces that they won't be going back to camp, because...they'll be participating in a reward challenge! A reward challenge? That's the "more business"? Of course, everyone is totally relieved, because, like us, they thought that something was actually going to happen that would be significant, and it turns out that absolutely nothing is going to happen other than a quiz. A quiz! I can't believe I put on perfume and had my nails done for this episode. Jeff explains that at least it's an extra-good reward, in which the winner will go on a private jet "hundreds of miles" to the Shaolin Temple, which Jeff claims few people get to visit, although there's an awful lot of travelers' information online indicating that you can visit. Visiting it is obviously special; I just don't know how rare it is. The temple is the home of kung fu, which makes Denise very excited. Jeff tells them that it's a rare opportunity, special, once in a lifetime, etc. What Jeff will not mention is that this temple is not merely a cultural and kung fu haven; it's a highly charged political symbol, having been burned and attacked and seeing its monks beaten and persecuted over its long history. Or so says Wikipedia, which is right about everything. At any rate, the winner can take two people along on the trip, so that's a good thing if you don't like hanging around with just monks.

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