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The Old and the Infirm
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Redemption Island. Night 5. Christine arrives and finds Semhar huddled up under a blanket. They introduce themselves, since they've never met, being on different tribes and all. Christine tells the camera that she's not sure why she was voted out, except that maybe her tribe wasn't ready for someone who wanted to play the game. I don't know if that was the problem. I think it was that Christine didn't know enough to keep her mouth shut in the early days and avoid making enemies before the power structure of the tribe was established. Once Coach kind of took over, Christine was on the wrong end of the power balance, and was his most vocal opponent. And then she was gone. At least, that's my take on it. Christine just thinks Coach didn't like her for random reasons, but she's happy that she gets another chance at the game due to Redemption Island.

The rest of Upolu arrives back at camp, relieved that they made it another day. Mikayla expresses concern to the camera that Brandon targeted her to be voted out, since she has no idea why he would do that. Back at camp, Coach tries to reassure her that she's not in any danger, but before they can talk too much, Brandon barges into the conversation, mostly just to break it up. He doesn't have anything to add, and Coach and Mikayla clam up as soon as he appears. Coach even gives Brandon a little hug, which only reveals that Brandon might be under five feet tall. Seriously, he is a short little thing.

In a confessional, Brandon talks about how he lied to everyone and feels horribly about it. Just to review, he lied to Coach and said that some of the other women were going to vote out Mikayla, in an attempt to get Coach to persuade the rest of the tribe to vote out Mikayla too. Brandon did this because he resents that fact that Mikayla is so hot and he wants to do dirty things to her. At least that's the only viable reason he's given. And it's not really that viable. Anyway, at Tribal Council, Brandon's lie was outed so now Mikayla is all, "What the hell?" and everyone else knows that Brandon is a liar, and not a very good one at that. So Brandon is acting all sorry, but it's fairly unclear if he's sorry that he lied, or sorry that he got caught. If his lie had worked, and Mikayla had been voted out, would he be giving us this sob story? Probably not.

The next morning, the tribes get a Treemail, informing them that the first Redemption Island challenge will be happening today, and two people from each tribe will be invited to witness it. I really don't get this whole "two people from each tribe business." Is it an attempt to get people to lie about what they see to the rest of the tribe? Is it to get two people away and hope that the others plot against them? I would just love to know what the producers were thinking when they came up with that rule. Anyway, Coach asks to go and Stacey (the older African-American woman) wants to go with him. Everyone else is like, "Whatever," because what's the point? It's so dumb that they don't even show how the other tribe decided who got to go. Coach claims he wants to go to make sure Christine loses. Because if he didn't go, Christine would win? I'm done trying to figure this out.

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