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The Old and the Infirm

Meanwhile, over at Savaii, Ozzy is catching fish and Papa Bear is hanging out in the hammock. He interviews that there's a pecking order, and he feels like he, Dawn, and Cochran are on the outs. He hasn't clicked with anyone. And he's making up for that by... isolating himself in the hammock? Look, on this show, if you don't feel like you're in with the in crowd, you have to at least make yourself useful. Catch fish. Build a fire. Do some chore that the others consider a pain in the ass. Then when your name inevitably comes up for eviction, someone might say, "Yeah, but if he's gone, then one of us will have to do Chore X." And maybe they will reconsider. And then hopefully you can stick around long enough for the power balance to change, which seems to happen every few Tribal Councils. Dummy. What's not going to help is if you pout alone in the hammock. You're just making it easier to get rid of you, because then at least someone else can use the hammock, which looks pretty comfy.

Ozzy explains to the camera that he has an alliance with Keith, Whitney, Elyse, and Jim, but he feels closest to Keith, so he's going to tell him that he found the Immunity Idol. I'm wondering what Ozzy's motivation is here? He probably wants Keith to feel special and honored, to strengthen their alliance. It also serves to get word out that they shouldn't bother trying to vote Ozzy out, because he'll just play the Idol, I guess? Seems like it could also cause people to turn against Ozzy and try to flush the Idol. If Keith were smart, he'd go tell the people on the outs that Ozzy has the Idol, and try to get them to throw some votes Ozzy's way, then tell Ozzy what's happening so that he'll play the Idol. That seems like it would take a lot of finesse though, and I don't think Keith has those skills.

Instead, Keith immediately tells Whitney. They both seem annoyed that Ozzy has so much power, which is probably good. At least they're not just rolling over and letting Ozzy win. Keith interviews that he doesn't like that Ozzy has all the power, but he's telling Whitney about the Idol so that she will trust him in case they need to make a move against Ozzy later. So he's not so dumb. Keith makes Whitney promise to keep quiet, and she says that she will.

Back at Upolu, Mikayla and Brandon go for a walk and Mikayla wants to know what Brandon has against her. Brandon says he wanted her out. Which doesn't really answer the question. Mikayla asks if he just doesn't like her, and Brandon says that was it. Mikayla wonder why he doesn't like her. Throughout, she's being pretty neutral and seems to really just want to get this all out in the open and settle it. She's not screaming or being aggressive in any way. Brandon gets defensive and says that she doesn't get that he's trying to apologize. Mikayla points out that he's not apologizing, and he's actually just saying that he doesn't like her. Brandon's defense this time is that he's not the only one who doesn't like Mikayla's attitude. Then he interviews that Mikayla was coming at him like a bulldog, which is totally not true, and that he knows that, as a Christian, he's supposed to be meek and turn the other cheek. Okay, so he's going to apologize for real?

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