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The Old and the Infirm

Brandon calls the rest of the tribe over, presumably so they can all hear his apology and clear the air. Instead, Brandon just repeats that he didn't like Mikayla and that's why he wanted to vote her out, and then adds that she needs to figure out who's loyal to her, because she doesn't seem to have much of an alliance. I don't get what that has to do with anything. The others all sort of stand around and look confused and/or awkward. Brandon asks everyone to keep him out of the drama. So he called everyone over so that he could give a dramatic speech about how he didn't want any more drama? I think Mikayla was trying to avoid drama by asking Brandon one-on-one what the problem was. He freaks me out.

Sophie, who seems really on top of things and is rapidly becoming my favorite, which means she'll probably be voted out soon, interviews that Brandon has crazy religious beliefs, and he seems to think Mikayla is "the Whore of Babylon." She adds that Brandon is trying to be good, because of his religion, but he's also a Hantz, and they are devils. I don't know if we should blame his bloodline or his brain chemistry.

Mikayla sits alone on the beach, crying. Brandon sits by the fire and voices over that his family told him not to lose his temper, and he did, and then interviews that he's constantly in a battle between good and evil, and he really wants to do good. I... really don't have that much trouble avoiding evil things. I don't think I'm a great person. But I don't feel like a struggle with evil on a daily basis. Am I alone in this? I seriously think he might need medication.

Coach and Sophie have a chat on the beach about how Brandon's little tantrum is going to affect the game. Coach is worried that it's going to spook his alliance (because they know now that Brandon is a loose cannon) and it's going to spook Mikayla (who might decide to make a big move to guarantee her own safety). Sophie and Coach agree that Brandon is definitely a Hantz in some ways, and they hope it doesn't hurt their alliance in the end.

Time for a Challenge! Both tribes arrive, but there's no checking out to see who was voted off, since they presumably know because of the Redemption Island duel. Okay, so here's the Immunity Challenge. One person from each tribe runs out on a floating dock while carrying a body board attached to a rope. That person grabs a bag, and then hops onto the body board while the rest of the tribe cranks a winch to pull him or her back to shore. This happens five times so that five bags can be collected. Once all the bags are in, two people go up to the top of a wall and use grappling hooks to snag the bags and pull them up to the top. Each bag contains a banner, and those five banners must be hung from the wall in a certain order to make the tribe's flag. The first tribe to finish their flag wins immunity and also a reward -- sugar, coffee, tea, milk, chocolate, and some cookies. The winning tribe also get a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.

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