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The Old and the Infirm

The challenge begins. Ozzy is running first for Savaii and Brandon is running for Upolu. They take off, but Ozzy only gets about halfway out before he runs out of slack on the rope. His tribe either isn't un-cranking fast enough or Dawn (who is in charge of feeding the rope out) lets it get tangled. Upon review, I think what happened is that they were actually unrolling the rope too quickly, so there was a bunch of slack just sitting there and as Ozzy pulled it out, it got tangled up. Brandon grabs the first bag and gets pulled back fairly quickly. Ozzy keeps having to stop and starts yelling at his tribe like a dick. He finally gets on the board and his tribe starts cranking him in. Papa Bear is on the crank along with three others, and he can't keep up and doesn't seem to be adding much value.

Upolu sends out Albert and Dawn follows for Savaii. She manages to get out and back quickly and Savaii regains the lead. Ozzy and Mikayla head out, and Ozzy keeps the lead. Dawn and Brandon head out to get the fourth bags and Brandon catches up. I'd like to note that Sophie is like a cranking monster for her tribe. Albert and Ozzy head out for the fifth and final bags and they are neck and neck until Ozzy loses his grip on the board. He gets back on and they end up hitting the beach pretty much at the same time.

Now we move on to the grappling portion. Coach and Edna are grappling for Upolu while Whitney and Elyse are grappling for Savaii. They start out equal, but Coach is like a grappling savant and manages to get all five up while Savaii still only has four. Coach starts unfurling the banners and then Sophie and Mikayla tell them how to arrange the pieces properly. They get their flag formed before Savaii even has their banners unfurled. I'd say Coach and Sophie deserve most of the praise for that one. The two tribes head back to camp, and Jim interviews that Papa Bear isn't even a zero when it comes to challenges -- he actively slows them down. Ruh-roh.

Savaii returns to camp and dissects the challenge together. They basically just say that no one did poorly and it was just one of those things. Of course, with everyone sitting together, no one is going to point fingers. Ozzy interviews that it sucks to lose, and it hurts morale, but there are three people on the outs in this tribe: Dawn, Papa Bear, and Cochran. Dawn did really well in the challenge, so it's between the two dudes. Papa Bear and Cochran have a little chat where they talk about how much it sucks to have been put on a tribe with five beautiful people who naturally connected, and they're the outcasts because they look and talk differently. Look, I don't deny that there are cliques. But I also don't think that either of those two is doing much to contribute either in challenges or in camp life, so they aren't helping their situation any. But the bottom line is that those two know that they are the next two to go, and neither wants to leave yet.

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