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Gabon Again

Probst turns to Sugar and says she was one of the more popular contestants this season. He then gives the audience some time to applaud her and her some time to bask in it. She says a lot of people talk to her on the street, often to thank her for Cookiegate. And people have apparently been blogging about seeing her driving around in her car, which is easy to identify now that they showed most of her license plate on the recap show. Here's a tip: if seeing a Survivor contestant on the street is so exciting to you that it makes it onto your blog, you're probably way too boring to have a blog in the first place. Then again, I put pictures of hummingbirds and my mean old lady neighbor up on my blog, so I should probably shut up. Probst takes this to mean that Sugar is a "superstar" who can't leave her house, which isn't what she said. Sugar says she just has to make sure she's wearing make-up at all times. Right, because it's not like fans of this show ever saw you without make-up on. Except for the entire season. Probst disbelievingly says he's impressed that just from being on Survivor, Sugar now needs her own paparazzi guards. Not what she said, but whatever.

Probst asks Sugar what it was like for her to do an emotionally taxing show like this while still mourning the recent loss of her father. Uh ... bad? I think that was pretty clearly established throughout the season. Sugar takes this chance to get in a little dig at Corinne, saying "anybody who has a heart" would see that she was a bit of an emotional wreck during her time on the show because of her father's death. She tells us that she doesn't cry every day now and she's gotten better since she left Gabon, and credits her fellow contestants for making her stronger.

Probst then addresses the white elephant in the room, or rather, the hateful bitch with a bad boob job. He says Sugar may have won over the audience, but not so much her tribe mates, and shows the clip of what he calls "one of the nastiest comments I have ever heard." And there's Corinne telling Sugar she isn't sincere when she cries about her dead father. Back at the show, we get a shot of Corinne beaming widely and blowing kisses at the audience, who are loudly booing her. Probst says we'll find out if Corinne meant what she said and if she regrets it after the break. I don't know about you guys, but I'm pretty sure the answers to those questions are going to be "yes" and "no."

We get a Corinne montage to bring us back from break. She says she's going to be a bitch and laugh when people cry and own it, and her tribe is full of mutants she wants to kill with poison. And then there's her threat to be nasty to Sugar at Tribal. And then she carries it out. Lovely! Lively church music plays us back into the show, and Probst says Corinne's comment to Sugar is at the top of his list of horrible things said on seventeen seasons of this show. He gives her a chance to try to look not completely evil in the eyes of millions of viewers and asks if she regrets what she said. "It's hard to explain," Corinne starts. I'll bet. "Obviously, I feel sorry for her loss," she continues, not looking or sounding at all sorry. She says she felt like she was stranded in Africa with a colicky baby the way Sugar cried all the time and she couldn't take it anymore. Except that she was out of the game and had been away from Sugar for a week when she made the comment, not to mention that she spent half of her time on the show in a different tribe than Sugar. Probst points that out, and says that wasn't a heat of the moment comment; it was a conscious decision to make a rehearsed comment about the loss of someone's father. Corinne says she was very angry and wanted to "go for the jugular." Well, fantastic. You made Sugar kind of upset at the expense of millions of viewers liking you and who knows what kind of opportunities you'll miss down the road when you're remembered for this. Good luck getting a job. Hope it was worth it!

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