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Gabon Again

Probst again tries to help Corinne out and asks her if what we saw on TV was the real her. She says that in real life, she wouldn't have had to spend so much time with people she didn't like. Since she was forced to do so on this show, she was "pushed" to act the way she did, so yes, what we saw on the show is the real Corinne. Which is why it's a good thing that, in real life, we don't have to spend time around people we don't like and we can all walk in the other direction should we happen to see Corinne on the street. The audience starts booing, and Sugar encourages them and thanks them for their support. Probst says Corinne is probably enjoying the boos, and she claims that she is and asks the audience to keep them coming. I would have laughed my ass off if this was met by a resounding silence, but no. More boos. Keep trying to play up to that audience, Corinne. The fact is, Sugar is an actress and a pretty successful one, so she has charisma and knows how to play up to the camera and win an audience over. You do not. She will win every time. You're out of your element. Go away.

Probst turns to Marcus and asks him why he thinks viewers liked Sugar so much but the people she played with did not. Marcus says people only see a tiny fraction of what goes on during this show, and people express their anger in different ways. And the way Sugar expressed her emotions rubbed people the wrong way. That might not of come across on camera but "it's kind of what we had to deal with," Marcus says. Weren't you on a tribe with her for, like, nine days? Shut up, Marcus.

Probst turns back to Corinne and has officially given her way too much attention. Apparently, she had a problem with how she was edited on this show in that she thinks she's even worse than what we saw at home. Corinne says she felt like she was invisible for the first half of the show, despite the fact that she was a super bitch for the entire time she was out there. Yes, that must sting a bit when you're trying so hard to be endearingly hateful. She says she loved Randy's "edit," which pisses Probst off because it makes her sound too media-savvy, as if the people cast for this show don't live in Los Angeles and aren't all trying to be on TV all the time anyway. Probst again gives Corinne an out to try to come off like not such a beast, asking if her friends and family agreed with how she was portrayed on the show. She just says that she has a dry sense of humor and is sarcastic, so some things she said that may have sounded mean were just jokes. Why can't they be both? And shouldn't they be funny to qualify as jokes? Probst recommends that she not look into a stand-up comedy career, which is unfortunate for Corinne as it's one of the few careers whose doors are still open to her.

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