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Fox NFL Sunday

Bradshaw says that Jimmy Johnson is very competitive and driven and that this is "the most important thing he's ever done" after his football and family stuff. And as he says this, someone totally farts. I don't know if it was Probst or Bradshaw, but it was definitely a fart. For the record, my money is on Probst because he blinked and kind of nodded at the same time as the fart, while Bradshaw just kept on talking like nothing happened. I took an informal poll of my family and my dad said he didn't want to talk about this disgusting display while my mom said she also thinks it was Probst, saying "he's definitely working on something there" in the seconds leading up to the fart, adding "he should control himself!" If it was Probst, that sucks for Bradshaw because when I searched around the internet to see if anyone else noticed, most people were blaming him. And I wouldn't have given it this much attention except that Probst had no problem showing Naonka farting on national television, so now he knows how it feels. Or rather, Bradshaw knows how it feels. Anyway, while Probst giggles in embarrassment, Bradshaw continues that Jimmy Johnson did something none of the other Fox football broadcaster people would or could. Probst sucks up to Bradshaw some more, shaking his hand and saying he appreciates him coming out to ruin the reunion show.

Probst heads back to the stage to actually talk to some people who were on the show, addressing Holly by saying "you lost your mind those first few days" and asking what the deal was with her and Dan's shoes. Dan, by the way, apparently spent the entire time from the end of filming until now in a tanning booth. The man is dark. And I doubt he got a tan like that in the middle of winter in Brooklyn, New York. He's also wearing an intentionally untied bow tie, because he really is that cool. Anyway, Holly, who still looks great despite having a little too much makeup on, says in those first few days of the show she hadn't gotten much sleep and was feeling very homesick, and something about the way Dan talked about how much money he had really pissed her off and so she flipped out on his shoes. But, she says, she has a gift for Dan tonight. It's not alligator shoes, since Dan already has 20 more pairs of them at home, but a pair of full quill ostrich cowboy boots, as she heard that Dan likes cowboy boots. Dan seems to like the gift, as he holds it up and smiles. He and Holly kiss and make up, which is great for Holly because now she won't wake up with a horse's head in her bed.

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