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Anyway, that's enough from Kelly B. Let's talk to Naonka some more even though contestants who didn't quit the show have yet to be addressed. Probst asks what the reaction has been from parents of her students. Naonka says she still has her job despite how she came off on television, although some concerned parents have tried to pull their kids out of her class. She wants us all to know that we saw her on a reality TV show playing for a million dollars, which has "nothing to do" with her real life. That's all well and good, but she still said horrible things about a woman with one leg and about how she wanted to throw her fake leg in the fire and hit her with it while everyone else, who was also playing the same game for the same amount of money, managed not to say shit like that. So that points to a personal flaw that has nothing to do with whether or not she was on reality television. Naonka concludes that it's "ridiculous" to be judged in her work by the way she acted on a reality TV show. Sorry, but it's ridiculous to think you can go on a national television show and act however you want and it not come back to bite you in the ass. Especially if you're a "teacher."

Probst asks Naonka why she quit the show. WHO CARES? We heard her reasons on the show when it happened. Does Probst think she's going to say she regrets her decision and apologize to everyone she offended with her quittingness? Because she won't. She says she simply "had enough" and actually wanted to quit earlier but Chase talked her out of it. "I didn't know that rainforest was gonna be a rainforest," she says. Dumbass. But at least she won't be shocked if she ever goes to Greenland, since she'll apparently expect it not to be what the name clearly advertises. Probst decides that we need to hear more about Naonka, this time from her mother. Ugh. I hope Probst farts again. Stay out of the audience! I want to hear from the contestants.

That said, Naonka's mom looks pretty fabulous. Zena says she wasn't surprised by the Naonka she saw on television, though it sounds like she was disappointed. She says she told her daughter to "go out there and kick ass," but "she did a little more than I had expected." Zena says her daughter couldn't and didn't tell her anything that happened on the show, so every week when a new episode came on, Zena was just as surprised as the rest of us and "couldn't believe what I was watching." Ha ha ha! Zena rules. They should have put her on instead of Naonka. Also, she's taller than Probst. He asks Zena if Naonka takes after her mother, and Zena is quick to point out that Naonka gets half of her genes from her father, and those are apparently the asshole genes. Ha! Way to call out Naonka and Naonka's dad on live TV, Zena! You rule. Even Probst has to admire her: "your mom just threw you under the bus!" Zena adds that she loves her daughter. This somehow segues into Probst informing us that after the outcry when Naonka and the other Kelly were allowed to stay on the jury even though they quit, there is a new rule that says that if you quit the show, they can take you off the jury. Or not. They get to decide. Um ... isn't that the rule already? They totally could have taken Naonka and the other Kelly off the jury; they just couldn't be bothered. Meanwhile, Zena is still standing there like, "um, can I sit down now? Don't fart on me."

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