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Anyway, it's time to give out the fan favorite award, which every season is awarded to the person the editors loved the most and makes me lose just a little bit more faith in the American people. Sure enough, it goes to Jane, who won it by the largest margin in the history of the contest. Jane is very happy about this, and tells us that she makes $50,000 a year, the extra 100k is great. HOLD THE PHONE. 50k a year and she's crying about how poor she is? The hell? How is 50k a year poor? What is she spending all that money on? That's like twice the poverty line! It's four thousand dollars ABOVE the median household income in America, and probably even more above that of her precious North Carolina! JANE IS NOT POOR. Or likeable. Boo.

And now, someone who is even less likeable than Jane -- Shannon! Probst says he'll give Shannon a chance to redeem himself, but Shannon doesn't think he needs to be redeemed, saying he simply called a duck a duck. Sash seemed gay to him, so he asked if he was gay. Shannon starts to say something about how he met Sash's girlfriend, but Probst cuts him off at this point and says that clearly, Shannon is standing by his behavior so he doesn't want to speak to him anymore. What, no trip to the audience to talk to Shannon's mom? Weird. Also, this kind of sucked for Shannon, because I think he was about to say that he changed his mind and now believes Sash is straight after meeting his girlfriend, only for Probst to interrupt him before he could get that part out and making Shannon look like even more of an asshole than before.

Probst turns to Wendy Jo and her chartreuse outfit with matching cowboy hat and reminds us all that her husband predicted that she'd be the first person off and she totally was. Wendy Jo insists that her husband was wrong, since he said she would be voted off if she sang and danced and was generally annoying. Therefore, she stayed quiet and low-key and believes she was voted out because of that. Somehow, I think her tribemates could sense her annoyingness and weirdness despite her silence. "I'm not really sure what you just said," Probst says, and moves on to Jimmy T. to ask him if he learned anything from this show. Jimmy T. is even twitchier than he was on the show, and says he came into the show thinking he knew exactly what to do to win it, only to not do any of it and play with his heart (or his "haht," as Jimmy T. says it) instead of his head. We've heard that before, nothing new to see here.

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