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Sara M: F | 1 USERS: D-
Fox NFL Sunday

Probst explains how the game works again just to waste more time that could be spent on talking to the contestants, and, even worse, points out former contestants in the audience to serve as examples while doing so, one of which is goddamn Rupert. And then we randomly cut to a shot of Douche for no reason, although I don't mind seeing him again. Especially after Rob, Li'l Russell, and Rupert, he is a welcome sight. Probst lies that next season will be great and ends the program without letting us hear from Tyrone, Yve, Jill, the other Kelly (of course), or Ben, thus making this one of the worst reunion shows in recent memory. Maybe they should send Probst to Redemption Island and give us a new host who actually cares. Oh, and has better control of his sphincter.

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