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And just to make sure that Phillip is telling the truth, Probst has someone from Phillip's past waiting in the audience to testify as to his Former Federal Agentness. It's some woman named Diane Hardy, who is totally sitting in front of Adam Scott from Parks and Recreation! How embarrassing for him to be seen at the Survivor finale. Diane Hardy is a current Federal Agent with a badge and everything, so the text under her name reads "Federal Agent" with no question mark. She says that she met Phillip at the Federal Agent Training Academy, where they were both students, and that Phillip was an "outstanding" one at that. She never actually worked with Phillip as a Federal Agent, though, as they were assigned to different places following the training, but if he was as good an agent as he was a student, then she's sure he did a great job. Diane appears to have more to say, but Probst has to move on so he tells her to sit down and asks the audience if they believe that Phillip was a Federal Agent now. There's a smattering of applause, and Probst says it sounds like people still don't believe in Phillip even after all this proof. Oh well! Time for a commercial.

When we return, it's time to start wrapping things up. Sorry, Krista, Stephanie, Sarita, Kristina, and Francesca! You will not be getting a chance to speak tonight. It's your own fault for being female and thus uninteresting to Probst. Probst says it's time to find out who won the stupid fan favorite prize. It's between just two people who got an overwhelming percentage of the vote due to the fact that basically no one else got any character development or camera time over the course of the entire season: Rob and Matt. Ha ha! Li'l Russell doesn't win it this time! With 40% of the vote, Rob wins another $100,000. "Amber's gonna go shopping!" Probst says like an asshole. Oh, ha ha ha, women are always taking men's money and going to the mall with it! Just because your girlfriends are all gold-diggers (cough Season 9's Julie cough) doesn't mean that's what it's like for everyone else, Probst. That said, Amber really should go shopping if the best thing she could find to wear to tonight's show is a T-shirt and jeans.

Probst finally gives Ralph a chance to speak, asking him about his vote for Phillip and if there's the chance that they could have a real friendship. Ralph says he thinks Phillip's a "great guy" and he figured out that Phillip acted the way he did on the show because that's how he was playing the game. Ralph doesn't seem to have trimmed his beard since he was voted out. He really should. It looks gross. Probst then asks Grant if he got married after the show. Grant says he did. He proposed to his now-wife at the airport when he got back (wait, what? Didn't he say on the show that she was his fiancée?) and they got married a week later. We get a brief glimpse of her in the audience and apparently she's a semi-famous actress but I don't really know anything about her, so I don't care. More Adam Scott, please!

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