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Earl Redux
Now Jeff jumps topics, saying that he thought it was really weird that at the last minute, Yau Man didn't make much of a move to try to persuade "Dreamz" to stick to the deal they made. Yau Man says that he feels like this was a product of a certain stubbornness on his part, and that he refused to acknowledge as the time got closer that he had been wrong about "Dreamz," and that he needed to rely on more than just his belief that the kid would keep his word because it was his word. Once again, you can see on the face of "Dreamz" that this is what really bothers him and makes him worry. Every time someone he thinks is a really good person and a really good barometer says how sure they were that he would stick to the deal, I think he feels all over again that sick feeling like they were disappointed in him. Obviously, they're not saying they were impressed that he ultimately didn't keep his word, you know? It's just a reminder that his whole thing -- his whole "I am noble, I am 'Dreamz'" thing -- it worked on these people, and they believed it. And then...well, you know. In fact, when Yau Man finishes with the simple words, "I was wrong about him," then entire audience lets out this "awwwww," which I think sinks into the soul of "Dreamz" like a lead weight. There's nothing like a father figure -- remember, "Dreamz" made that allusion himself -- saying he was wrong about you after all. Jeff asks Yau Man about people approaching him on the street, and he agrees that yes, he gets approached for autographs and pictures and so forth. "It's a new feeling," he says neutrally. Jeff prods, asking whether it's a good feeling, and Yau Man says that it is, and that he's had to get used to the fact that people yell out his rather unusual name when they don't know him personally. He had to get used to not being embarrassed not to recognize people who clearly knew him. Heh. So if you see him, yell out, "Yau Man, you don't know me! But I know you! Way to go! Hope you get another truck! Don't give it away this time!" Up next: Rocky. God. When we come back from commercials, Jeff tells us that every season, they try to cast a ridiculous asshole, known here as a "go-to guy." A montage of Rocky's sexist, obnoxious, gay-panic attacks on Anthony, among other "go-to" moments, follows. Back in the studio, Jeff chuckles affectionately about the big fucking bully, telling all the players that, not to take anything away from anyone else, Rocky "always delivered," meaning that he always talked in a way they could put on TV, whether he had anything to say or not. Jeff asks Rocky about being recognized on the street, and he confirms that indeed, he is recognized on the street. Rocky says that everyone realizes that he's an awesome guy as long as he's "had a sandwich that day." Jeff asks Rocky how he describes the experience to people, and he says "it was pretty rough, and I got to meet Jeff Probst," Jeff crinkles his nose affectionately, because this is exactly the kind of guy that is Jeff Probst's greatest weakness. When he sees a guy who's all, "I'm a man's man," Jeff cannot resist (1) wanting that guy to like him; and (2) desperately wanting to avoid coming off like he disapproves, lest people think he (Jeff) is girly. It's his Achilles' heel, and if you've watched him over the season, with his disdain for quitters and men who cry, you know it

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