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Earl Redux
Boo! Jeff vows that the disgusting, stomach-churning, send-your-dog-out-of-the-room sound you heard when Boo's knee popped -- or popped back, really -- was the real live sound; no Foley artist was standing there smacking a side of beef with a baseball bat. Asked how his knee is, Boo says that he's got a torn ACL, the mother of all bad knee injuries. He hasn't had it worked on, either. This is eerie, because an unrepaired ACL tear is just another thing that Boo has in common with my dog. There are a few. His real name is "Kenward," by the way, which might explain a little bit about why he goes by "Boo." Jeff talks to Michelle about the fact that if she hadn't been there, Ravu would never have gotten fire at all. They would presumably have all died of thirst. So thanks, Michelle, for saving Rocky's life. Oh, wait. He further points out that almost no one has made fire without flint. He can't think of a thing to ask Michelle that's more interesting than what it does for her as a very young person being on the show. Really, Jeff? A young woman who was unceremoniously dumped owing to bad luck from an alliance destined to dominate, and all you can ask her is what it's like to be a few years younger than everyone else? I mean, if she were fourteen, okay, but she's not, you know? Michelle says that it proved to her that it doesn't matter how old you are; it just matters that you have a good attitude. She's typically grinning, but it's a total missed opportunity, as are most of Jeff's attempts at conversation. Edgardo! Of course, he's still pissed at "Dreamz." Edgardo is about this the way some people in Georgia are about the Civil War: it will never be over, and it will never stop being about the spilling of your personal blood. Jeff asks Edgardo about his comment in the last episode that he had gained new appreciation for family. In kind of a cutting remark, Jeff tells him that he honestly didn't think Edgardo was a family-missing kind of guy, all things considered. I don't know how I feel about that; it's like Jeff is saying, "Honestly, you struck me as kind of a meathead; can you tell me about having a soul?" Edgardo talks about how he got homesick, because...he was betrayed by "Dreamz." This really happens. Homesickness turns into a discussion of backstabbing. Do you think he still goes into restaurants and is like, "I'll have the chicken. You know who's really a chicken? A man who betrays another man"? Because I think maybe he does. Edgardo says that this reminds you of who you can trust. And you can't trust Dreamz, is the detail he'd like you to take away from all this.

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