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Sonja shatters the myth of Survivor by claiming that she thought the most skilled person would rise to the top, but that didn't happen.

Finally, a good question: Who do they all think should have won based on pure survivor skills? The vote is mixed between Greg and Gretchen.

Before we hit another commercial break, we are treated to the "Reebok Guys" mugging for the camera and being huge, repugnant asses. I am overcome with the desire to feed them to a mass of island beetle larvae and then cut up that larvae and feed it to the rats and then let the islanders cook and eat those rats. I really don't like these guys. At. All.

Greg's audition tape is sufficiently wacky. He even wears a black wig. No need to encourage that sort of behavior here.

Rich presents Rudy with gifts including the "Rowdy Rudy's Diner" sign and the clue to the immunity challenge that Rudy won. Another chapter in the Curmudgeon/Gay Man Peace Accord.

Rich is asked what his final words are and what he'll do with the money. He says he wants to start a place for troubled teens like one that he went to when he was a young buck.

Well, that's it, folks. A terribly boring follow-up to an extremely exciting show. But hey, the advertising money's gotta come from somewhere. Let's hope next season washes the ugly after-taste this reunion left in all of our thirsty mouths.

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